How to Protect Your Email Marketing Campaign Against Spam

Just because you hit the “SEND” button doesn’t mean people on your email list will receive your messages. In fact, even if they’ve opted in to receive messages from you, studies have shown that for every five opt-in messages sent, at least one doesn’t make it to people’s inboxes. I certainly wouldn’t want that to be your message. Check your own spam folder. Do you see? Chances are, emails from brands you’ve subscribed to are also in your unread spam folder . If this is the case, email marketing will be useless for your business despite being such a powerful marketing channel. The ability to send emails to the subscriber’s inbox is known as email deliverability, and when it fails, your email lands in the spam folder or is blocked by the Internet Service Provider on the Internet.

worst of cases. Deliverability is one of the most important success metrics in the email marketing fraternity, specifically tracking the number of emails that are delivered to your subscribers’ inbox folder. If you have a poor deliverability rate, it wouldn’t matter how impressive they arethe copy and design of your email. Therefore, the only way to get the North Korea B2B List opens and conversions from your emails is to ensure good deliverability. What is email sender reputation? Sender reputation is the score assigned by an Internet Service Provider to a business that actively conducts email marketing. Sending reputation includes a set of specific metrics that are associated with email sending practices.

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It means that senders with a good reputation get their emails while those with a bad reputation get their emails or the communication ends up in the spam folder instead of the inbox. In case you are not aware of your email deliverability, it is very likely that your IP address or domain will. Once you’re on this list, it can have dire effects like increased bounces and bounces, meaning your email will land in smaller inboxes than before. What can get in the way of your email deliverability? In addition to email sender reputation, several factors related to email design, as well as marketing practices, can harm your email deliverability, as noted below.

North Korea B2B List

Use the single subscription method Using a free domain email address Implementing email campaigns without custom authentication Losing the unsubscribe button Add URL shorteners Do not maintain the text-image relationship Write subject lines that trigger spam filters. While there are numerous blacklists on the Internet, we’ve included the five blacklists you should avoid, no matter what. 1.SPAMHAUS Spamhaus tracks all senders and includes all those IP addresses with a poor sending domain. It publishes the lists publicly, so you should be on the lookout for this blacklist. 2. SORBIES Over 200,000 ISPs and corporations around the world use the SORBS blacklist.

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And spam traps to recognize malicious senders. 3. SPAMCOP Any company that sends bulk or commercial emails will by SPAMCOP and reported as spam. 4.SenderScore SenderScore is Return Path’s sender reputation system and many large ESPs. Corporate email systems, email marketing service providers, etc. they use it to rate emails. Your score should be 85 according to their system if you want to ensure optimal deliverability for your emails. 5. Barracuda Barracuda is the blacklist resource by Barracuda Anti-spam appliances. You can review your list at BarracudaCentral. Web hosting systems like cPanel use this list by default. We’ve had clients whose IP addresses showed up because they were spamming the Barracuda Reputation System’s detectors.

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