The Why And How Of Marketing Cloud Connect

Marketing Cloud Connect is a package that integrates Salesforce CRM with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud. Marketing Cloud Connect helps marketers bring CRM data stored in Salesforce CRM to life and use it for their benefit and ultimately that of end customers. Integration Benefits Let’s discuss the benefits of integrating Salesforce CRM with Salesforce Marketing Cloud: 1. Send an email set up in Marketing Cloud Connect using CRM Data The email studio within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is used to create highly interactive and personalized emails, and Salesforce CRM contains the relevant subscriber data.

These two aspects can be combined to make life easier for marketers and CRM users. Marketers can use CRM data in the form of Salesforce CRM reports and campaigns within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Marketers can use customer data Singapore WhatsApp Number List reports and campaigns within the marketing cloud to send highly interactive and personalized emails to their subscribers. Similarly, sales and service reps can send emails created in Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s powerful email editor, ‘Email Studio’ from the convenience of Sales, Service, or Community Cloud. They can send emails as a single send as well as mass emails.

Marketing Cloud Connect

Also helps sales and service reps by aggregating the rich data of the interaction email with the corresponding contacts. This feature helps sales and service representatives better understand the customer and make use of this important information to make better decisions. This also improves the 360-degree view of the customer within the CRM. Hire a team of SFMC experts to help you manage your email campaign 2. Sync data from CRM to Marketing Cloud Marketing Cloud Connect can help sync CRM data from Salesforce to Salesforce Marketing Cloud automatically with the help of a feature called Synced Data Sources. All standard and custom CRM objects [and their data] are synced with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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This synchronization occurs at a predefined interval, making sure that users can see current data. Marketers can use this feature to target their subscribers who reside in Salesforce CRM. They can create highly interactive and personalized emails within the powerful email editor called Email Studio. Then use synchronized data sources to pull together Salesforce CRM data and send the emails. Marketers can also use the combinations of data from the marketing cloud. Salesforce CRM to create a unique list of subscribers to target, i.e. marketers can combine the data within the marketing cloud, for example, ‘abandon cart’ and couple it with the Salesforce CRM contact data as the contact’s ‘do not contact’ data checkbox.

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Using Journey Builders and exclude contacts who have not to. 3. Connect Journey Builder with Salesforce CRM Marketing Cloud Connect helps the trip builder listen. Various events in Salesforce CRM and then make use of those events in the trip builder. This helps to inject subscribers into the journey and then target them for email/SMS campaigns. These events can be of various types, such as closing a case, new users joining the customer/partner community, etc. Once the subscriber has entered the journey. Marketers can also update records in Salesforce CRM with the help of activities within Journey Builder.

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