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Biennials refer to the collection and presentation of works of multinational artists held every two years in the art world. Which are exhibited in art galleries, art and cultural venues, and even ruined spaces and island countryside. Originating from the Venice Biennale in 1895, it is like the Olympics or

World Expositions in the Art World.

Representative artists are recommended by Slovenia Phone Number various countries to present their works in unique national venues. It also forms the latest trend indicator of the contemporary art circle, and at the same time writes the history of contemporary art. Today’s biennale is a stage and strategy for competition in the global art field. Not only are all regions actively participating, but holding biennials has become a cultural policy for creative cities. More than 300 cities on five continents compete to hold biennales, such as the famous Venice Biennale in Europe, the Kassel Documents Exhibition in Germany, which emphasizes the avant-garde and art education, and Istanbul, which emphasizes the flow of the

Eurasian Border and Islamic Culture.

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Biennales, the historic Whitney Biennale in the Americas, the Sao Paulo Biennale in Brazil, the Havana Biennale in Cuba, and even the city of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East have biennials.

Biennales in Asia were also on the rise. Such as the Taipei Biennale with a small but strong curatorial concept. The Taiwan Biennale with Asia as its axis, the Gwangju Biennale in South Korea,

which transformed from a sad city, and the symbiosis with the environmental community. He has created the Japan Seto Inland Sea Biennale. The Echigo-Tsumari Triennial and the Sydney Biennale in Australia (Takachie, 2011; Filipovic et al., 2010). Manifesta is a unique biennale.

The biennale is usually a national city every two years in the host city to collect the presentation of transnational art. This biennale is held in a different city each time. The long-distance running of art takes the baton to connect the frontier Europe. Not only shows the works of art, but also emphasizes the intervention of urban historical space and art society, and gathers urban and architectural scholars to discuss the alternative practice of urban creativity.

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