Oral toxins are mainly divided into oil-soluble toxins and water-soluble toxins. Gargling with oil can help eliminate the former, while Gaokeli is an antidiarrheal drug containing clay

about 11 hours after this article was published, reader responded: “Thank you for the information provided by. The professor, the chaos of ‘oil rinsing’ has been rampant in aromatherapy industry for a period of time. Gargling with various vegetable oils, it was also claimed that gargling with different vegetable oils would have different effects. At that time, many people believed it to be true. Until later, the news media reported that some people used vegetable oil for. A long time to rinse their mouths for a long time, which resulted in periodontal disease, and there was also no problem. Few people have worse oral and

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dental conditions, and even the oral muscle fibrosis caused by rinsing for too long (not sure if the word is correct. But the oral muscles are damaged), this “Oil rinsing” craze gradually subsides the fever. Looking back now, in the end, this incident was a promotional gimmick by some vegetable oil sellers.” postscript 2: the next day after this article was published, reader michelle responded: “Thank you, professor lin, I’m so happy to read this article! Many years ago, I also believed in the efficacy of oil rinsing, and used the first cold-pressed Morocco Phone Number for oil treatment. Rinse, two attempts ended in inflammation and swelling of the gums, which proves that. Oil rinsing can not take away oral bacteria, but may bring bacteria into the teeth/gums that. Were not healthy enough (such as teeth with braces), making the oral environment more comfortable.

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professor , and the original text is published here

further reading and pseudoscience: does ‘celery juice therapy’ really work as it claims? “Cornell’s most classical thinking logic class”: not only idiots, but even the famous  doctors who signed the “Declaration of independence” also misunderstood alternative therapy [join a member of key comments network] every day, wonderful and good articles are delivered directly to your mailbox, and you can enjoy exclusive weekly editorial selections, current affairs selections, art and literature weekly newspapers and other special electronic newspapers. You can also leave a message to discuss the content of the article with authors, reporters, and editors

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