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Podcast: Interview with Andrew King on Outlook for the Email Marketing Industry Published: 2020-08-25 Conversational Email Marketing Podcast: Andrew King of Campaign Monitor talks about the changes he thinks are just around the corner for email for the email marketing industry. ABOUT THE GUEST Andrew King is the director of product strategy and marketing intelligence at Campaign Monitor and CM Group, a global technology company that provides an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful email marketing platform that is part of the CM Group family of brands.

Timestamps 00:00:00 Introduction 00:00:25 Registering with Campaign Monitor 00:01:45 The story of Campaign Monitor and CM Group 00:04:36 How CM Group brands work together 00:08:24 How Campaign Monitor uses data to evolve their products 00:10:32 Discussion of Andrew’s role 00:15:10 How CM Group sees competitors Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List Iterating and building products 00:22:25 How does CM Group see CM Group the acquisition of brands? 00:26:05 Unique aspects of CM Group 00:27:25 Why do people want to move ESP? 00:29:10 Changes in email marketing from Andrew’s perspective 00:32:40 What changes are coming to email? 00:36:30 How the email user interface will get simpler Transcription George: Hi Andrew, welcome to the podcast.

It’s Great Having You Here

Andrew: Hi, George. It’s good to be here. Thanks for having me. I really appreciate it. George: Andrew, we were all huge fans of Campaign Monitor. Thank you very much for being here. Much to discuss. And I’m very, very interested in this podcast. But before we get into that, you know, 2020 has been a pretty wild year. We are registering with the Campaign Monitor and we are only registering with the Campaign Monitor team and yourself. How is everyone and is everything stable? And it’s OK. Andrew: Yes, thanks for asking. In fact, we are doing well. We are doing well. Definitely. You know, better then, and a lot of other people. We are very lucky in that. You know, Campaign Monitor is a fairly distributed global organization.

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We have team members, you know, mainly in Sydney, but we also have, you know, a team at Saint Cisco in Nashville, in London. So we’re pretty used to zooming in and talking to people from all over the world. So it wasn’t too difficult for us to transition into a sort of post-COVID way of working. So I think we’ve done pretty well. And yeah, the team obviously, I think, collaborates and talks even more often than we used to. George: Okay, great. Yes. And we found that with a lot of the companies that we’ve been talking to on this podcast, the ones that were remote before COVID, you know, the transition was very smooth and the ones that had to struggle, you know, it was a little bit more of a challenge. But, I mean, it’s great to hear that.

So, You Know, Campaign Monitor

Is an email service provider and, like I said, one of our favorites, a platform that we use often and upwards for our clients as well, but, you know, for those who don’t. . I don’t know much about Campaign Monitor. And in addition to the umbrella company CME Group, would you mind giving us a kind of brief history and explanation of the company? Andrew: Yeah sure, I can sum that up for you. So for Campaign Monitor itself, it was started in Sydney, by two guys named Ben and Dave. They owned their own digital marketing agency. I think they probably created it straight out of college. And basically they were serving their clients by creating websites doing SEO, PPC and email marketing. And they discovered that there was no good email marketing solution on the market, targeting agencies like them.

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