Proven Email Marketing Tips: How Brands Can Increase ROI

Although email marketing may seem old-fashioned and outdated to many, the facts and statistics tell a different story. Email marketing ROI across industries Marketing channels that offer the best ROI according to agencies around the world. (Source: Econsultancy: Email Marketing Census, 2015) And if that’s not enough for you to make email marketing your top priority, let us hear from the DMA report that email marketing can help you achieve a 4,300% return on investment. Yes, you read that right! Take a look at these email marketing tips to use email marketing for your franchise; Chant these divine mantras (email marketing tips) written by the wise Uplers for heavenly results.

Email Marketing Tips to Help You Succeed Email personalization: the personal touch works 74% of marketers, according to a report by Econsultancy, believe in the power of personalized emails. Compared to regular emails, personalized Comoros B2B List improve conversions by 10% and click-through rates by 14%. But how personal should it be? Well, it may not be enough to address recipients by name; you can take a few more steps forward. To get started, leverage your MAP and CRM data to target the recipient’s interests and needs. Go beyond regular targeting based on job level, location, industry, and country. If you hit the mark, the ROI will surely increase .

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Case study on Sony Playstation email marketing campaign. The campaign was designed to cross-sell Playstation Vita to its existing subscribers, as well as those who owned a PS3 and were part of the Playstation Network. The content of the emails was written specifically for each segment. The email, which reached more than 4.2 million people, achieved an estimated return on investment of 508%. Email marketing best practices- personalization Relevant Email Content: Adding That Special Flavor Recipients are smart enough to judge the relevance of an email before they even click “open.”

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The subject line is like the face of your email; if you manage to catch the recipient’s eyes here, your battle is half won. But wait, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. You are here to win recipients forever. So, the content of the email is where its special flavor comes into play. An email relevance ROI study by JupiterResearch found that engaging the audience in more relevant communications can increase net profits by an average of 18 times more than sending emails. Email designs that speak and codes that work A well-designed email is essential if you want to make a mark; It helps grab the recipient’s attention right away. A simple design that gets your message across should do the trick; focus more on typography.

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The interactive email design for the Easter Campaign 2016 by Uplers Flawless encoding ensures the recipient receives the email in the exact format they want. In a nutshell, it’s vital that you know the nitty-gritty of marketing email design and coding. For any support related to email design and email coding, simply click here to find Uplers to your rescue. A/B test for the best A/B testing measures the strength of your email; so combine personalization with A/B testing to find out which version of the email gets the most clicks. Depending on the email service provider (ESP) you subscribe to, you can send two or more versions of the same email and track success through analytics.

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