Animated GIF In Email: Rejuvenate Your Marketing Strategy

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a GIF is worth a million words. Email marketers have consistently implemented the best possible ways to spark more interest in subscribers towards their brand. In fact, the spark that can not create a static image; can be created with a single GIF in your email, which leads to its popularity. Another thing that has added to its acceptance among the marketing fraternity is poor video support in various email clients, making GIF one of the most reliable ways to breathe life into an image. Now the question is why GIF? We’ll see: Why embed GIF in email? Animated GIFs in email not only bring images to life, they also help grab the user’s attention and make your email STAND OUT from the rest.

A Marketing Sherpa study has shown that campaign results are greatly improvised by the use of animated GIFs in emails, in addition to generating higher subscriber engagement. For example, tech giant Dell saw a 109% increase in Fiji B2B List using email GIFs. Static email designs cannot deliver the effective results that can be achieved by animated GIFs. And that’s why GIFs have seen a 20% increase in open rates than static images. There are many email campaigns that have GIFs and show off the products in the best light possible. Well, that has even translated into success. Brands have also been using GIFs in emails as a tool to create humor.

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Adopted GIFs in their email campaigns to entice their customers for an enhanced shopping experience. animated-gif-in-email-monki-1 animated-gif-in-email-monki2 How to improve marketing emails using GIFs? Here are the five ways GIFs can surely bring your marketing emails to life: 1. Use it where it’s needed A properly placed GIF or two can add the necessary spark and can even act as a CTA in emails. Focus on grabbing the customer’s attention with a specific animated section or color-changing product line. Usage is moderate enough to add flavor to any type of email. Excessive use of GIFs would certainly result in an ugly mess!

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Choose your file formats wisely Emails should be designed in HTML so that size can be kept down. GIFs are used to portray an animated story. As we know, GIFs are widely supported on various platforms and are comparatively lightweight; that’s why they are preferred to videos and Flash. Therefore, the right platform must be chosen for its implementation. 3. Keep it as short as possible It’s very important to keep GIFs short along with the right calls to action. It should be used precisely to promote specific features or a product line instead of flaunting all. The stuff in the email with different GIFs. 4. Test the final result Whether you’re creating emails for desktop or mobile devices, it’s crucial to test the final email before deploying it.

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The email bulkier than you expected; the tests would save him from negative consequences. Best practices for using GIFs in email 1. Design a GIF that has a purpose GIFs in emails have become one of the powerful tools of brand storytelling techniques. This GIF email from Boden surely sets a perfect example of the use of GIFs that have a purpose. Portray all the internal features of the products shown in the gif. Well, that’s the perfect use of GIFs without excessive animations. animated-gif-in-email-boden 2. The first frame must convey the message. The subscriber’s image display setting has the ability to disable image display, so subscribers won’t see your GIF.

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