Responsibility is the part that is specified in the responsibilities Turkey Mobile Number

One of the reasons coworkers  each other accountable is that they worry that if they embarrass each other, they will also be challenged by each other, who may complain that they are nosy.

A company without a culture of responsibility will not only have no performance, but also the leaders themselves will be very tired. They can only make decisions by themselves, instead of sharing the burden on team members to make them accountable to each other.

Having said that, let’s share the following two cases of responsibility:

1. A case of liability for absenteeism

In 2017, I was preparing to set up a CEO private Turkey Mobile Number board group meeting. On the first day everyone joined, they discussed and formulated the code of conduct for the group meeting.

One of them is this: If a team member is absent from the meeting, no matter what the reason is, I will donate 3,000 yuan, and all the team members will be punished for standing for 15 minutes together.

Why should we all stand together? This is where peers held accountable for absent group members.

In this way, the absent person is not only responsible for the donation of 3,000 yuan, but also for the entire team members.

The fate of the entire team member punished rests in the hands of the absent person. And we regard this responsibility as the obtained from the peer strength.

2. A case of responsibility after developing an action plan

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On weekdays, I also go to the company to help the senior management team hold senior management group meetings. The main process is as follows. Then I guide everyone to ask him questions to help him discover the essential problem behind the problem. Once the real problem identified, then everyone makes a recommendation. To the case owner; after the case owner selects the recommendation. He fills in the fixed form with 3 actions to completed by himself in the next 30 days.

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