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Homepage Articles Junk mail Salesforce Marketing Cloud July 2020 Release: Your Guide to All the Important Features – Part 1 Salesforce Marketing Cloud July 2020 Release: Your Guide to All the Important Features – Part 1 Published: 2020-07-23 It’s that time of year when a new Salesforce Marketing Cloud release is right around the corner and everyone, including marketing agencies, customers, and Salesforce partners, is eagerly awaiting this release. As part of the release plan for the July 2020 release of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it will out from the last week of July 2020 to the first days of August 2020. After that, Depending on the rollout process, features will be released on a scheduled basis.

phased in and therefore it will take a full week for all stakeholders such as customers, partners and marketing agencies to enable the launch features. According to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud release schedule, this release will be the last of the year. The latest release is scheduled for the second half of October 2020 and will be available Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List everyone between October 17 and 24, 2020. In this article, we’ll explore the main features of the July 2020 release of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Similarly, Since there are a lot of great features in this release and not all of them in one article, this is the first article in the two-article series.

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Article covers all the important features of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud journey creation module, introducing multi-factor authentication, and using the Salesforce Marketing Clouds Internet Explorer 11 browser. The rest of Einstein-like features will be as part two of a two-part series of articles. Journey Builder Updates There are several exciting new updates to the Journey Builder module in the July 2020 release of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and we’ll cover some of the important updates here. 1. Micro Level User Permissions in Journey Builder Salesforce Marketing Cloud users given specific permissions to activate and delete trips in the trip creation module. In conclusion, Previously, there was no permission set for these activities in Journey Builder.

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Either full access or no access to the trip creation module. Your Salesforce Marketing cloud administrator can grant these permissions in the Settings app. These permission sets will apply to all Journey Builder users. Email Send Transactional Journeys in Journey Builder Transactional APIs are to trigger. An activity based on the API request from the external system. This feature is now available in the Journey Builder user interface. Transactional Send journeys work with out-of-the-box features like multi-step and single-send journeys. Moreover, Additionally, users can view near real-time operational metrics from within the Journey Builder user interface.

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Trips at SFMC 3. Single Send SMS Journeys in Journey Builder With this new version, users can send a single trip via SMS. Which is similar to the single send email within the trip creation module. The single send SMS trip will be useful in the use case of promotions or updates. In addition, A single audience group through the rich user interface of the trip builder. One-time SMS sending set to send SMS immediately or for a future date. This feature is available to all users with access to Journey Builder and MobileConnect in your organization. 4. Identify and remove a contact in Journey Builder This feature helps locate individual contacts within a running or stopped Journey. Most importantly, It also shows the trip made by contact in the last 30 days.

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