Salesforce Marketing Cloud October 2020 Release

We are in the last quarter of 2020. This time it coincides with the final Salesforce Marketing Cloud release for the year. The October 2020 release. Everyone in the Salesforce ecosystem, whether they are customers, Salesforce partners or marketing agencies. Are eagerly awaiting the release as everything is set to bring you. A lot of anticipated features as well as some surprises. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud October 2020 release will roll out starting on October 17, 2020. Continue until October 24, 2020. The rollout based on the release schedule will occur over the course of one week. There are several new features or improvements in the October 2020 release and therefore cannot be covered in a single article. Therefore, we will divide this blog into a two-part series.

In this first blog of the series, we’ll cover the essential features in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, such as Einstein, Alert Manager, Sync Data Extensions field limit, Google mixed content blocking, the campaign management user experience , etc. Hire a team of SFMC experts to help you manage your email campaign Marketing Cloud Einstein Benin WhatsApp Number List Einstein within Salesforce Marketing Cloud has several new and exciting updates in the October 2020 release. We’ll cover some of the critical updates here. 1. Maximize engagement with optimal delivery frequency Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Einstein features help marketers with AI-powered predictions or recommendations, which also helps drive better email engagement.

Einstein Engagement Frequency

Helps you identify the best email frequency for your email sends—that is, the optimal number of emails to send to subscribers to keep them engaged. As part of this release, the new Einstein model recommends custom rate thresholds and suggests the suboptimal. of the emails that you must send to all the contacts of the Business Units. In addition, Einstein’s split engagement activity within Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder uses the optimal send frequency [based on real-time send metrics] for each contact entering the journey so it can send the communication as desired. . 2. Einstein Engagement Split to support MobilePush The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder module has the Einstein Engagement split activity.

Benin WhatsApp Number List

As part of the October 2020 release, this has also been done by the MobilePush module. So now, the email and mobile activity to build the routes for the Einstein engagement spillover activity within Journey Builder. 3. Availability of optimization of the sending time in Single Send Journey The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder Send Time Optimization activity helps send emails to each contact at the optimal time. It is that you add this activity to each email on the Journey Builder canvas. As part of the October 2020 release, the shipping time optimization activity will also be available for single-shipping trips.

This Was Already Available

For multi-ship journeys within Journey Builder. Mixed content blocking by Google Mixed content refers to loading secure [over HTTPS] and non-secure [over HTTP] content on the same page. The initial request to load the web page was over HTTPS. As HTTPS is becoming a pervasive form of web requests. Google has decided to start displaying a warning for rendering mixed content. On the web page from September 2020. From January 2021, Google will completely block the download of mixed content to make the web a safer place. Safeguard the interest of subscribers. To understand the various scenarios in detail and the mitigation plan for the scenarios. Please visit the knowledge article published by Salesforce here.

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