Salesforce Marketing Cloud May 2020 Release: Your Guide

We’re approaching the May 2020 release of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and we couldn’t be more excited that Salesforce is rolling out a new set of features for the Marketing Cloud. While some of these will make our lives easier, there are some that are ready to help in many different ways. Since the following table shows the different versions of Salesforce Marketing in the cloud, the May 2002 version will start rolling out from the end of May and will be completed in the first week of June. This implementation happens stack by stack instead of a single Big-Bang implementation. All stakeholders in the ecosystem such as customers, partners get this release within that time period, but in a staggered manner. So don’t panic if the release is delayed due to the phased implementation.

Hire a team of SFMC experts to help you manage your email campaign The following table details the timeline for the five releases of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Social Studio. BREAK FREE CLOUD MARKETING LAUNCH DATE SOCIAL STUDIO LAUNCH DATE January 2020 release January 25 to February 1 January 25 March 2020 version USA Business Fax List 21 to March 28 28th March May 2020 release May 30 to June 6 June 6th July 2020 release July 25 to August 1 July 25 October 2020 release October 17 to October 24 October 24th This article is a two-part series, which will explore all the details behind the features, functionality, or improvements in the latest version. Please note that this article is based on the Salesforce release notes and not the hands-on review.

New Cloud Marketing

Mixes and modules Below is the set of new Trailhead modules and trailmixes scheduled to be released. Artificial intelligence for advertisers Harness the power of artificial intelligence to target ads, explore new audiences, and track performance. Marketing Cloud Account Optimization Regularly practice the art of reviewing your account settings, risk factors, and data hygiene to ensure the best shipping performance. Interactive email forms The most recent version of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, i.e. Interactive Forms, has a starter module to learn and implement. It helps to collect the email data instead of redirecting the subscriber to the landing page. Get with Marketing Cloud This new mix of advancements helps people start their learning. In the world of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

USA Business Fax List

Our SFMC developers can design flawless email templates Pause and resume journeys in Journey Builder Pausing a ride is required for a number of scenarios or business reasons, for example. your website/portal is down or you want to stop sending the message due to a natural disaster [applicable to the current pandemic situation]. This is a great and highly sought after new feature that has been by Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Until now, if you wanted to pause a running tour, there was only one method, that is. Stop the current tour and create a new version of the same tour and activate it.

This Resulted In A Duplication

Of messages sent to contacts since they entered the trip again. Or in some cases contacts did not enter a trip at all. This was inconsistent behavior by Journey Builder and caused a poor customer experience. With this new feature, marketers can pause the current execution journey for up to 14 days. This results in temporary stopping of contact processing throughout. The journey and as a result stops sending messages from Journey Builder. This feature is applicable in Salesforce Marketing Cloud or via REST API requests. Use an alternate address in sender profiles. For the business scenario where the marketer wants to select the From address based on some criteria. The marketing cloud has introduced this new feature of adding an alternate address.

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