Samsung Knox Illustration Photo Credit TNL Brand Studio Celebrities are most

Afraid of paparazzi tracking and secret photography, but as ordinary people, in fact, behind you. There are also security paparazzi who always control your every move, and whether it is real life or activities in the virtual. World of the Internet, they may be wiped out! Taking the use of smart phones as an example, including the built-in positioning function and the recorded information when browsing the Internet. It may become a way for manufacturers or interested people to grasp our whereabouts. And even your private life preferences are completely seen. To avoid such a situation. The best way is to check the rights management functions related to personal privacy in the mobile phone in detail.


For example Samsung Galaxy mobile phones

And tablets can directly add the “Privacy Privacy Administrator Rights Setting Table” function in the settings menu. Choosing to turn off precise. Positioning information can also remove the advertising ID function to ensure. That you are not always grasped in the process Kenya Phone Number List physical life and Internet browsing. Situation 3: The important files and data in the mobile phone need more strict protection means Samsung Knox Illustration_3_1 Photo Credit: TNL Brand Studio Important belongings at home will not be left indiscriminately. And even special safes will be bought and locked. However, there are a lot of files and information that are closely related to us in the mobile phone. And most people do not have special protection measures. In addition to the mobile phone itself. It is necessary to do a password lock, so that no one else has.


The opportunity to unlock the phone directly

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Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets have a built-in “safe folder” function protected by Knox technology. Which can open an additional file in the phone Encrypted independent space, without worrying about important information being easily obtained, can also “separate the public and private” of the community and instant messaging APP. Situation 4: When installing the APP, did you pay attention to what privacy permissions you gave Samsung Knox Illustration_4_1 Photo Credit. TNL Brand Studio In order to prevent the permissions in the mobile phone from being easily accessed by APPs from unknown sources, the operating system of the current smart phone will display the mobile phone functions or user information that the APP.

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