8 Hubspot Apps You Should Be Using In 2020

8 HubSpot apps you should be using in 2020 Published: 2021-12-10 The HubSpot App Marketplace includes hundreds of third-party tools that you can use to connect tools, teams, processes, and data into a single stack. Don’t have time to sift through the hundreds of HubSpot apps in the ecosystem to determine which HubSpot integrations are the best? Don’t worry, we asked our friends at Revenue River, a HubSpot Diamond-level agency, to give us their favorites. They tapped 6 of their top marketers to give their thoughts on the top HubSpot integrations you should be using in 2020.

Seventh sense Seventh Sense handles send time optimization for promotional emails, nurturing workflows, and other behavior-based workflow automation, freeing up my time to focus on other strategic aspects of email marketing. With multiple clients, Seventh Sense has become a must for optimizing open rates and reconnecting Cameroon B2B List unengaged contacts. Plus, with all the engagement data visualized, I can better analyze trends and up my email game. J. M. Stilb – Marketing Strategist Click here for a free demo of the Seventh Sense HubSpot integration. Example of the seventh sense lucky orange The king of the heat map, Lucky Orange is an excellent tool to have on your belt.

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Provides dynamic heatmaps to help you better understand exactly how your website pages perform in views, scrolls, clicks, and across device and browser types. You can see which pages are too long, which have too many confusing calls to action, and where you can optimize your entire UX/UI journey. On top of this, the Lucky Orange + HubSpot integration brings all of this information down to the contact record level. This means you’ll be able to see actual page view recordings, heat maps, and click maps for your customers, target contacts, and prospects, all in real time.

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Sami Brenner – Senior Marketing Strategist Lucky Orange HubSpot Integration GoToWebinar While GoToWebinar remains. An industry leader in online webinars and meeting spaces, there are many more players in this market today. But we still find GTW to be the best option when. It comes to more complex webinar strategies that need to be fully integrated into HubSpot contact. Records for seamless data transmission. When you use HubSpot for your event registration forms and landing pages, you can automatically pass contact information between. GoToWebinars (where you can store the actual webinar video. Store your in-depth video analytics like watch time video of attendees. Overall attendance rate, etc.).

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You’ll be able to see video engagement metrics for each contact directly in your HubSpot contact record. Giving you a more comprehensive view of how your customers. Prospects are engaging with your webinar content. within your CRM. Sami Brenner – Senior Marketing Strategist Webinar example to go Grow Grow provides visibility into the performance of our marketing assets. Our clients’ overall campaigns by aggregating data from multiple sources. It’s very easy to use and gives you all the data you need to make data-driven decisions. In addition, the data is summarized in images to make it easier for our customers to process the information. It’s also a great way for multiple team members to collaborate in one place.

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