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Smart companies will work to empower their marketing team to move quickly and build campaigns in short sprints rather than months-long efforts. These sprints event that occurs hours – or even minutes – before. A celebrity tweets about a great experience with your brand? Leverage the sudden burst of good publicity with your own series of related tweets. Our engagement metrics not where they should be after a new product launch?

Take steps to immediately adjust the campaign with new feedback in mind.8. Agile Light – Testing and Refinement . Some companies Remove Background Image even though some industries just aren’t agile enough to fully embrace agile marketing. If your business falls into this area, you can still apply its principles when it comes to testing and refining your campaigns. Use A/B testing to determine what is working in your email campaigns. Analyze metrics to understand how users interact with your website. Discuss with your sales team what has been effective throughout the buying journey.

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Make immediate adjustments when you can and use what you learn in future campaigns.9. Leverage the Internet of ThingsAnother clue we can take from the world of technology is to capitalize on the opportunities that lie within the Internet Remove Background Image of Things. The unplugged objects we use every day are now finding their way onto the digital stage. Marketers can use this to their advantage, and the benefit of their customers, by delivering even more relevant content based on the data sent by these everyday objects. Imagine if Brita was able to send reminder messages to a customer. A coupon when it’s time to replace their water filter. Or allow an energy company to use thermostat data to send relevant energy-saving tips to customers who need it. This level of micro-targeting is entirely achievable in the IoT realm.

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While capitalizing on this trend may be a bit ambitious in 2015, it’s something to watch over the next few years.10. Content Heap FalloutAnother Remove Background Image consequence of Internet ubiquity is content overload. White papers, videos, podcasts, articles, infographics, blog posts, and social updates are all piled on top of the content pile. In 2015, your content will have to work harder than ever to stand out.As mentioned earlier, marketers who create digital content that is extremely relevant, individualized.

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