10 Warning Signs That Suggest You Should Outsource

I think the entire email marketing fraternity would agree on one thing: Producing email templates can be a time-consuming and arduous task. So is there a way to speed it up and simplify it? According to experts, outsourcing email campaigns can shorten the production cycle by 33%, making it a practice that saves time, money and management costs for companies. Research has also shown that if you outsource your email campaigns, you can drive better results than in-house teams. According to the 2019 Litmus State of Email Survey, 3 in 10 (31%) marketers outsource email work on some occasions. Here are the top 10 tasks brands choose to outsource to email agencies. This brings us to the question “When should you consider outsourcing your email operation and production tasks?

” The answer lies in certain warning signs that you see when executing email marketing. Let’s dive into these subtle clues you may not be noticing. 1. You are spending too much time on your email campaigns. Very often, you may not have the necessary France B2B List or experience in your company. As a result, your team may have to work overtime and burn oil overnight. On the other hand, if you have an efficient email production team handling your email campaigns: You can free up time and handle other important responsibilities, helping you manage time better.

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By professionals who are trained to deliver high-quality work within the designated time frame No supervision required, ultimately increasing productivity while delivering better results. 2. You can’t deliver email campaigns on time Many businesses find it overwhelming to stick to their email marketing schedule and not deliver emails on time. Also, they have a longer approval process which leads to email production delays and various last minute changes. Let’s understand this with an example: Let’s say you have an Easter email campaign that will be implemented on April 12, 2020. It is recommended that you have final approval before April 8, 2020. This will give you enough time to test the email. faultless electronics. render and make changes, if necessary.

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Therefore, outsourcing to an email production and operations team for the timely deployment of your email campaigns is a good idea. Looking to hire a dedicated email developer for your next email campaign? 3. You’re spending too much on tasks you can easily outsource. According to reports, 82% of marketers spend between 0% and 20% of their marketing budgets on email. However, the ideal budget for email marketing is 16% of your total marketing. If you want to run email marketing in-house, you need to consider several aspects, such as hiring the right talent, training them, and managing your total cost to the business, including taxes, paid licenses, and overhead.

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Tasks like design, coding, automation setup, and campaign management can be done without any business knowledge. Therefore, you can easily outsource them to an email operations team. As an example, an email developer would cost you an average of $65,000 a year. An email template production agency, on the other hand. Would not cost you more than $20,000 per year if you are looking for similar tasks and gain experience. You can’t build a sizable email list Despite all your efforts, if you can’t build your email list, it’s time you consider hiring an outsourcing agency. An agency can: Help you with the strategic planning of your email campaigns.

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