11 Trending HTML Email Template Styles In 2021 And Beyond

Email marketing strategies are evolving very fast. If you want to keep up, you have to stick to its rapidly changing trends. We’ll show you the best email examples provided by cutting-edge companies that are creating email marketing design trends. You can create your own email template design using HTML email templates for 2021 and beyond. The #1 criteria for modern email template HTML code and the first thing to start with when starting a new email marketing campaign – make sure you use templates built with a responsive email template design, because more than half of emails are opened on mobile devices.

Taking inspiration from the examples below and using a suitable email builder, you can create HTML email templates that are sure to attract your customers. 1. Apply Bold Typography Bold typography in emails is one of the most popular email marketing strategies for 2021 and the days ahead. Many companies now apply it to emphasize the Taiwan B2B List important phrases or to draw our attention to their slogan. F1 Trend Email Template What’s great about this Formula 1 email template design: perfect color combination : black background, red logo and white inscription. They go well together, but also contrast well. Please do not write full texts in bold.

This Will Make

Your HTML email template look messy and cluttered. Also, long texts read better when no additional styling is applied to them. 2.Highlighting Phrases This is another great way to draw recipients’ attention to your key message. Companies like Salesforce use this trick in event invites or event reminder emails. HipMunk Trending Email Template The cool thing about this Hipmunk email: the highlight color matches the color of the call to action button. Once consumers see the “Flights to Iceland and Europe” offer, they won’t need to search for the button and won’t be distracted by other CTA buttons because of the color scheme.

Taiwan B2B List

By the way, Hipmunk also applied bold typography to the value proposition. 3. Sound more human in emails Whenever we’re talking about email copy now, we decided to showcase another email template design trend that is related to copywriting in emails. Yes, while some marketers use large photos, and we’ll talk about them later, others insert small product snippets and add descriptions that feel like they were written by a real human. Chubbies Trending Email Template – html email template design The good thing about this Chubbies email: no academic words. Reading this email, I had the feeling that I was talking to my old friend. All those “dems” make me think Chubbies jumpsuits are really comfy.

Use Of Infographics In Emails

20% of people process information better when it is represented by numbers. So why would you write long sentences to describe their earnings with you. Achievements instead of providing short descriptive numbers? The good thing about this email from Uplers. New Years is the time to reflect on the achievements of the past year. Uplers, in this infographic-style email template, expressed their gratitude to their clients by showing the growth they achieved while giving credit to their clients. Good idea to promote your own business. Impress with numbers! 5. Add featured photos of people using your product People attract people. Especially those who look happy or calm in photos. Showcase your products worn or worn by cheerful people instead of inserting a wide range of product snippets. Emotions capture our attention and usually make us want to possess those things.

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