Ten Brilliant Ways You Can Use Automation

The most anticipated time of the year, also known as the Christmas season, is almost upon us. In addition to spreading holiday cheer among people from all walks of life, the Christmas season is also vital from a business standpoint. According to the US National Retail Federation, most businesses generate up to 30% of sales during this time of year. Given the strong ROI of email marketing, leveraging it to capitalize on your customers’ impulse buying is a strategic move. With email automation, you can create and schedule your campaigns ahead of time and make them stand out in a flood of holiday emails. How does email marketing automation work? Email automation allows you to create a series of emails as part of a targeted campaign and then automatically send them to subscribers on your email list.

From converting leads to customers and unique customers to repeat buyers, email automation has been a game changer for this mode of digital marketing. Once a campaign has been created, email automation works on autopilot to get your message across to your audience. Thus, it allows you to focus on other aspects of business operations. Using Egypt WhatsApp Number List Automation for Holiday Marketing Email automation for holiday marketing Source The holiday season is when customer spending peaks. In 2019, Americans are believed to have spent close to $730 billion during the holidays alone. Since this season spans over two months, it’s important to know the right time to reach your audience so that the likelihood of them taking action on your CTA is the highest.

Email Marketing Automation

Source According to Statista, the Cyber ​​​​Monday that follows Thanksgiving sees the highest number of online sales. This is followed by Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday, the day before Thanksgiving, and Veterans Day. So starting your email promotions well before your customers spend and keeping them going through the holiday season is ideal. In this way, you can capture the attention of your customers before they feel worn out and run out of money to make purchases. Benefits of email marketing automation Creating and sending individual emails in a series campaign can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Email automation relieves you of this burden and allows you to focus on other strategic initiatives.

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Some of the key benefits of automating your email marketing campaigns for the holiday season include. Expand your email marketing team for the holiday season 1. Leverage brand recovery value According to an Experian report, nine out of 10 companies use email marketing to reach potential buyers during the holiday season. Your customers expect to hear from you. And nearly 40% of shoppers say these emails influence their buying decisions. Using automated emails to communicate with your subscribers on a regular basis is a. Great way to keep your brand fresh in their memory. You can also take advantage of automation software to respond to inquiries by automating follow-ups. Giving them the extra push they need to make a purchase.

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On the rise, the holiday season is often busier than the rest of the year for most businesses. After all, running email marketing campaigns isn’t all you have to do to keep a business running. Therefore, automated emails can help you take advantage of this powerful marketing tool even with limited time. Your emails will arrive in your subscribers’ inboxes. Even when you’ve closed your offices to give your team members some time with their families. 3. Scope to reuse campaigns Of course, setting up these automated campaigns requires some time and effort. The good news is that these campaigns don’t have to be single use. You can reuse a Thanksgiving campaign for Valentine’s Day three months later, or repeat it for the next Thanksgiving.

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