How To Use Sfmc Effectively During The Covid-19 Pandemic

As we head into the middle of 2020, a lot has changed since the beginning of the year. People have isolated themselves and jargons like quarantine, social distancing, pandemic and isolation have become part of our daily conversations. The perception regarding shopping, the travel ban and people’s priorities have changed significantly. However, not everything is drab and dark in these trying times. People are spending more time online, brands are creating useful content related to their experience, and marketers are adopting different digital marketing strategies to connect with their audience. One thing that hasn’t changed is the demand for a personalized customer experience. Regardless of the communication channels you use, SalesForce Marketing Cloud helps you track conversations with individual prospects from one place to create personalized customer journeys.

While the pandemic is affecting businesses globally, we highlight some ways to use SFMC during the COVID-19 pandemic effectively. 1. Implement cross-cloud communication Salesforce has various products depending on the purpose and Canada Business Fax List where it can be applied effectively (Commerce cloud for eCommerce, Health cloud for healthcare industry). While SFMC can help collect customer data, record individual interactions, and create personalized marketing campaigns based on the data processed, it needs to communicate with other clouds to ensure smooth operations, especially in challenging times like now.

The Use Cases

Of this type of communication between clouds are: 1. Anyone who expresses their displeasure on social media can by a sales representative (Marketing Cloud to Sales Cloud). 2. Upcoming doctor appointments sent as email reminders. (Health Cloud to Marketing Cloud) 3. A cart abandonment email can be sent when someone abandons mid-purchase (Commerce Cloud to Marketing Cloud) Hire a team of SFMC experts to help you manage your email campaign 2. Optimize shipping times with Einstein Salesforce Einstein is an ubiquitous AI ready to suggest or predict the next step based on available information. In these changing times, customers will be active at different times than usual, and Einstein can help determine the optimal send time so your emails or social media posts receive maximum engagement.

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This feature can help you understand your customers’ changing habits and predict when your subscriber base is most likely to open your emails and click through to your website. 3. Better product recommendations This is another way you can take advantage of Salesforce Einstein’s data processing capabilities to send better emails. In times of crisis, people are unable to browse products as usual and thus complete their purchases in a jiffy. In this way, some of the products may or the customer may not be aware of such products. Product recommendations provide a good user experience the customer feels that they are seen as valuable.

Einstein Can Process

All the vital information about past purchases and current online behavior to recommend products that might hit the right spot. In this way, marketers can learn about the change in consumer consumption behavior. Make the necessary changes in their business operations. 4. Notify product replenishment In times of pandemic, the demand for essential products has skyrocketed and people are facing shortages. For a consumer, disappointment is when he discovers that certain products are out of stock . There is no way of knowing when they will be available again. Timely notification is the difference between providing a good user experience and missing out on winning a loyal customer. This issue can be remedied by sending an automated product replenishment. Email as soon as your inventory is with the product.

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