The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Email Marketing Industry

For the first time in the history of emails (and emails have been for a “while”), the email marketing industry is facing a situation that has never occurred before. As the entire world fights the coronavirus outbreak together, regardless of the economic crisis, many industries have taken their marketing strategy to the digital realm. Since the lockdown, email marketing and social media are being used as the main mode of communication and engagement with the audience. Although the situation has taken the industry by surprise, emails have made quite an impressive evolution in terms of dealing with the crisis for some industries, be it in terms of design, content or conversions, which we will talk about as you read. . on.

Not only those, spam has also evolved as we mentioned in our previous blog. Let’s see how emails have adapted to the crisis, what are the current trends, what impact does it have on various industries. Email Marketing Trends Research conducted by Message Gears in the last two weeks of March 2020 shows a clear trend of how brands are engaging Portugal B2B List consumers and their respective audience response. The survey was conducted among the emails of the users of the Message Gear marketing service. The results show that email marketing volume remains high for most industries apart from travel and hospitality, where the situation remains bleak since the travel ban. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Mail Volume As Evident

From the graph shown here, the beginning of shelter in place becomes mandatory, the graph shows a drastic increase in emails in all industries, including travel and hospitality, retail and others related to education, health care and politics. This was the period when brands were asking people to stay safe and maintain respiratory hygiene etc. During the second week. The emails that were sent described how the organizations are managing their work process and dealing with the crisis. Subtle empathy and publicity about all acts of goodwill were the end result of the emails during this time. Similarly, for emails sent in bulk, a similar pattern can be seen before and after the travel ban. Retail trade has prospered comparatively better than other industries and also provides the essential medical goods and equipment.

Portugal B2B List

Click-Through Rates and Open Rates Industries that might have been holding digital events and canceling. Physical engagements are sending email updates to their consumer base. These are mostly crisis-related emails with relevant information. That have resulted in good open and click rates for some industries, as you can see below. Unsubscribe Rates Unsubscribe rates have seen fluctuating trends. Since this action depends on many other factors such as the design. The content of the emails and the wisdom with which you generate your email sends. Spamming your user base or trying to generate leads is a huge risk you would be taking during this situation.

Although, If You Decode

the perfect mix of good design, content, and action, your campaign might even hit the jackpot. (Source: Message Gears) How have the industries fared? Retail Industry This email from a textile retailer, American Giant, has not only used brilliant copy. But has informed readers about how they are dealing with the crisis, empathizing and striking a chord with the audience. His subject line was ‘Expect hoodies, hello medical masks,’ which immediately sets the message straight. They also get points for representation, credibility, and campaign goodwill in which they have strategized their email campaign. UK-based cosmetics retailer Lush sent out emails to the community of him updating the status of his stores and services.

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