8 Reasons Why Email Is King Of The Marketing World

You and I have an active email account that we check regularly. However, email is considered “old school” due to the rise and popularity of social and digital media. Let’s face it, EMAIL is not dead! This conventional mode of marketing and communication has been here forever and is here to stay. Email has evolved from direct, plain text messages to highly targeted, automated emails with HTML and CSS coded design, interactivity, videos, live streams, and more. Email remains the most desired option for B2B and B2C communication around the world. Uplers takes you through the province of Email Marketing and shows why email is the KING of all digital channels. Read on to understand what email marketing is and why it still dominates the marketing world.

Email is permission-based marketing Email is the most personal form of communication online as it is permission based. Businesses using email marketing focus on sending emails that are highly relevant to subscribers, based on customer choices and privacy. Marketers who follow best practices make sure to build email lists organically and send Réunion B2B List only to those customers who have opted in on their own. With the latest GDPR law, marketers are to obtain consent from subscribers in the form of positive/double opt-in to continue sending them emails. This means that if a subscriber fills out a form to download a report/ebook or signs up for just a particular event, then they will not in the mailing list, until and unless they sign up and click the checkbox.

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Check out this SuperOffice registration form that is compliant with the GDPR update. GDPR_Email Marketing This reduces spam in subscribers’ inboxes and makes way for more relevant and useful emails. The subscriber also has the option to unsubscribe from the brands’ email list at any time. 2. Email drives better conversions Email has an unbeaten record of driving the most conversions and ROI, even more than social media. In conclusion, Here are some statistics to support! In an OptinMonster survey, 21% of marketers across all industries stated that email offers the highest ROI, making it a leader in the online marketing space.

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The marketers surveyed also said that the biggest benefit of email marketing is lead generation, followed by better sales and higher conversions. According to a Campaign Monitor report, for every $1 spent on email marketing, you get an ROI of $44. Moreover, Considering these numbers, email marketing remains the dominant and preferred marketing channel for businesses large and small. 3. Emails are messages in real time There is a lot of clutter in the digital space and people are with content everywhere. Too much irrelevant content can irritate your subscribers!

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Customers Emails allow you to break this clutter by sending personalized and timely messages that match subscribers’ interests and behaviors. It is an era of email hyper-personalization. Sending the right email to the right person at the right time triggers subscriber action. Keeps them engaged with your brand emails. Most importantly, Relevant and personalized emails also build trust with subscribers and customers. Targeted, segmented emails to a specific group lead to better conversions than generic, non-targeted emails.


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