How To Create The Perfect Landing Page For Your Email Marketing

With 50% of customers preferring to hear from brands via emails, and 85% of promotional emails reaching the customer’s inbox now, it has become imperative for businesses to design a marketing campaign. email that not only resonates with subscribers, but has the ability to drive traffic. and conversions too. Of course, open and click rates are important, but if they don’t entice the subscriber to convert and buy more, they have little or no value. chart Consequently, it’s important to take care of where your subscribers land once they receive your email and click on the call to action (CTA). Most likely, it will take them to an email landing page that you have designed specifically for an offer, product, promotion, etc.

Therefore, make sure your landing page has the ability to grab the customer’s attention. Remember, the longer your subscribers stay on your landing page, the higher your chances of conversion. So, create a perfect landing page and give your subscribers a good reason to stick around and convert. This is how you can do it. The Why and How of South Korea B2B List Emails at SFMC 1. Clarity is the key The first and most important step in creating a flawless landing page is to be clear on your approach. You have designed your landing page for a product or offer. So, make sure your landing page is fit for purpose and gives your subscribers a clear idea about what your email offers.

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It should be simple and easy to understand. You can do this by including short, precise, and strictly necessary information within your landing page just like ace & tate does . Your email and landing page are absolutely in sync. ace & tate Here is the landing page for this email. sunrise to sunset ace & tate Pro Tip: You can make use of vignettes to increase clarity and therefore instantly grab the customer’s attention. 2. Make it visually appealing Landing pages are a great way to visually engage your subscribers and drive conversions. You can start by including relevant images and videos that best describe your product or service. However, be sure not to overdo it. It could distract subscribers and divert their attention from the target.

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Do you know that having a singular call to action improves clicks and sales by 371% and 1617%, respectively? This happens because of your uninterrupted focus on that CTA. A good way to make your CTA the center of attraction is to make it easy to read and easy to spot. You can do this by keeping its size large and highlighting it with a color that isn’t used anywhere else on the landing page. Take a look at the HappyForms landing page and the prominent call to action located at the bottom. HappyForms landing page 4. Keep your email and landing page coordinated Make sure your email marketing campaign and landing page are well coordinated. If this is not the case, the email subscriber could be confused and likely suspect your email is a scam or phishing link.

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Stunning landing page for your email promoting their 3-in-1 tech jacket. J Hilburn 3. Stick to a unique and compelling call to action. Your call to action needs to be compelling enough to drive conversions. So make it loud and to the point that it encourages people to take the necessary action. You can use calls to action like “shop now”, “join for free”, “sign up”, “learn more”, etc. Here are some of the highest converting calls to action. Additionally, you should also stick to a single call-to-action to grab the subscriber’s attention and therefore have better click-through and conversion rates.

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