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The global leisure and hospitality market is extremely diverse, ranging from hotels, restaurants, and cruise ships to tour operators, airlines, and even car rentals and casinos. Source: The Business Research Company and Statista Despite these encouraging figures, the sector has experienced quite a shock in recent years. With the proliferation of alternative and cheaper means of accommodation and boarding, certain Airbnb , hotels and other leisure businesses around the world are concerned about their inability to acquire and retain customers, especially from the millennial generation , comes to mind. ‘. Millennials love their research. They love their devices and social networks even more! · 85% of them check multiple sites before booking their trip to get the best possible deal.

46 % of them book their trip through a smartphone or tablet · 97% will talk about their travel experiences on social media. ( Source: Internet Marketing Inc. ) Furthermore, “customer service” and “customer experience” are especially critical in the hospitality and leisure industry. Unfortunately, organizations in this sector often struggle to maintain high standards in this area, a situation that is especially problematic today, when South Africa WhatsApp Number List expectations are higher than ever. Increasing digital literacy among its consumer base is another challenge for the sector. A bad online review from a disgruntled customer or a brief complaint posted on a company’s social media page can change a company’s status from “popular and preferred” to “vilified and despised” very quickly.

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Said they trust online reviews as a personal recommendation. 60% also said that negative reviews influence how they judge the quality of a company. ( Source: Smallbiztrends ) At the same time, many leisure and hospitality companies are also struggling to engage with these customers, online and on mobile devices. As a result, they don’t get to know their customers well enough to create meaningful customer experiences that can keep them coming back and help businesses get positive attention without negative reactions. A vicious circle that is very difficult to break until it is too late, if so! Together, all of these challenges have increased the pressure on these companies to up their customer service game.

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Not only do they need to deliver high -quality, and more importantly, personalized experiences to every customer. Only then will they be able to serve their customers the way they expect to be served and stand out in an industry that is already super-competitive. Will likely become even more so in the years to come. All of these challenges can be effectively mitigated with an increased focus on customer relationship management (CRM). In particular, a software-based CRM solution like Salesforce Marketing Cloud can enable hospitality. Leisure businesses to understand their customers on a deeper level and engage with them in more meaningful. ‘Non-transactional’ ways that drive both loyalty and loyalty.

Why Customer Relationship

Management (CRM) for Leisure and Hospitality Overall, CRM is about managing customer expectations and interactions. Personalize their journeys and earn their loyalty. While reducing the chance of potential customers getting lost in the shuffle. “Without a CRM system, 79% of all marketing leads never convert to sales.” ( Source: Salesforce ) Leisure. Hospitality businesses, in particular. Need a CRM solution that enables their marketing. Customer service teams to develop stronger connections with customers so they can deliver proactive. Personalized solutions that keep them coming back. At the same time. The solution must also empower them to boost their marketing efforts. Strengthen their brand, and gain an edge over their competitors.

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