The power of art and technology allows children to temporarily forget the pain! Digital brushes add


How great would it be to be able to bring the outside world into the ward. In recent years.Creating a friendly medical space for children has become a topic of concern in Taiwan and the global medical community. In the United Kingdom. A hospital has laid a track between the ward and the operating room.So that children who need surgery can take the train into Senegal Phone Number the operating room.Replacing the fear of cold equipment with the joy of going to the unknown adventure.

Affiliated Hospital of Taipei Medical University

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Affiliated Hospital of Beijing Medical University), the Children’s Hospital of China Medical University and the Hospital of Kaohsiung Medical University have successively completed the “Smart Classroom in Hospital friendly learning space. A milestone in the joint efforts of the hospital towards a more child-friendly medical environment with physical and mental support. Liu Yanlin, the chief physician of the Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Department of Peking

Medical University pointed out that in the pediatric ward  Whether children with acute or chronic diseases, because they live in unfamiliar cannot go to school and carry out group e hospital for treatment, they may not be able to accept it  such demand, Taiwan Samsung introduced the color aesthetics Cultural and Creative Foundation high-level functional stimuli, which can not only strengthen their executive power, understand space and audio-visual integration also temporarily let children’s thinking get out of hospitalization and return to In the original situation of school or home  under treatment can take a little breath, and even feel the usual social interaction with classmates or friends in the past. This short-term withdrawal is very helpful for facing the pain more bravely in the future. Great help. I am glad that a good company and team have invested in supporting child-

friendly medical care this transfer the negative emotions of children during treatment.Addition to the existing resources, the child-friendly medical environment still needs more resources. Therefore, Samsung  the color research director  Foundation and also the teacher of this color course.Said that the course design of “Fun Heart Learning. Painting Star Art Ideas” takes Taiwan’s local culture as the core. Buildings colors all at once.He colors can bring out most colors, for example red and yellow can bring out orange. We have prepared coloring can let children play with coloring, and let them play with encouragement and guidance. If you give him 24 colors (colors) directly, the children will not try. For children, smeared it, and turned his attention to the course, temporarily forgetting the discomfort of his body. This diversion of attention is also helpful for parents. Thanks Dad for sharing, because parents usually take care of one-on-one. There is almost no time to breathe.

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