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Here’s why it’s bad: A year ago, when I collaborated with an influencer who posted about our brand once a month, my referral traffic was low (on average less than 3% of total traffic). Social buzz was non-existent. And no new email subscribers and no new sales. When I asked him to start posting and talking about us once a week, all the stats improved dramatically. Referral traffic more than doubled, and email subscriptions and new sales increased too! Our brand becoming a weekly presence in the lives of its readers has kept them engaged and eager to share our content.

Maintaining constant communication and weekly inspiration from influencers in their inbox makes us less boring and more of a team member.

Referral Traffic More Than Doubled

Just be careful when communicating so you don’t have a Scott moment Luxembourg Phone Number In which Scott copied and pasted the skinny tea marketing team email to his caption- Frankie. May 19, 2016 Advertising Continue reading below How much is too much when it comes to sharing? Unfortunately, there’s no better answer to this, at least none that I can find. I chose to pay influencers per quarter rather than per engagement. This means that, based on the goals we define together. I will measure them quarterly and send the payment. It’s more performance-based.

After testing several times, you will find the stream that suits you best. Just make sure your communication is consistent. Influencers should look forward to your emails and weekly brand inspiration, and you will benefit from a growing audience with their help.

Through Influencer Marketing

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Take a look at Leesa’s results. Their influencer marketing campaign generated 100,000 new clicks and over 400 sales. But, without proper follow-up and metrics, they would have known how successful their campaign was. Or find out how Bugaboo increased referral traffic by 33% through influencer marketing. Takeaway: Influencer marketing isn’t just about getting a single sponsored post. Too many brands see an article as a win. Nurturing your relationships with your brand’s influencers will help you grow your business not just in the short term, but for the future as well.

Advertising Continue reading below Why Hire an Influencer for Marketing and How to Use These Lessons Emma Johnson, one of the biggest influencers in the world who started, was asked what the best part of her job is. His answer?

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