Case Study Seo for Architects Websites in This Case Study

In this case study ask yoast: the website of sle mish design studio architects, the professional site of a duo. Of architects. Architects told us they get great responses from their clients, but is their website also. Optimized. For search engines? We’ll dive into this architectural website to see what improvements can be. Made to improve their site’s seo. First imp res sion the first page we land on is the homepage. We see a. Lot of full-screen images of the great work of these architects at the top of the homepage. While impressive.
The images are displayed in a slider.

Loyal Readers of Our Blog Know That We’re Not a Big Fan of Sliders.

Many experiments show why you shouldn’t use a slider on your website. Only 1% of your visitors will click. On a slider, they will slow down your website Albania WhatsApp Number and many visitors will ignore the sliders because of banner. Blindness. Just to name a few. Looking at this specific website, the cursor images are also very large. The textual content of the homepage is pushed down. We recommend that you display smaller images at the. Top. Of the site, instead of the cursor, and add clear introductory content just below those images. Try adding your usps to the introductory content.

Why Should Visitors Choose You as Your Architect?

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Finally, by adding a clear call to action just below the introductory content, you’ll ensure that visitors can. Easily access your most important pages. For example, you might think of a button that says “Get inspired. By our projects” or “Our services”: decide what the main purpose of your homepage is. Just to show you the. Difference, we’ve created a mockup of what the homepage might look like after following our advice: accueil. Sle mish design studio architects_ page beautiful images, too little text on the ‘the studio’ page, there is a. ‘what we do’ tab. This tabbed content tells visitors what kind of. Work you do and what kind of services you offer.

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