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Last month, Yahoo launched custom audience retargeting capabilities for native ad campaigns. The same week Google announced Customer Match, which allows advertisers to target customers on Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube via email addresses. customer emails. Yahoo’s capacity is more limited.

“In terms of [the] Custom Audience capabilities Yahoo is rolling out, this is a step in the right direction, but in its current iteration, it doesn’t allow for retargeting by matching mobile device IDs rather than mobile devices. email addresses,” says Stephen Gelber, director of media buying at Fluent. “This limits the scalability of its Custom Audiences offering compared to competitors like Facebook and Google.”

More promises seen on the native ads side

Brad O’Brien, director of social media at 3Q Digital, works with native campaigns in Gemini. According to him, from a native ads perspective, “there is still some viability in publisher exclusivity through Gemini. For example, one of our many Germany Mobile Number  FinTech clients may be interested in running native ads in Yahoo Finance. This is the same reason why some advertisers would work with both Taboola and Outbrain – to secure inventory for certain publishers. ”

“The native offering has neat integrations compared to content networks like Taboola. Keyword targeting and competitor domain targeting, in particular,” adds O’Brien, “On the native side, we also found that achieving any sort of scale was a challenge. Part of that is leverage and part of it is that audience pools can sometimes struggle to populate. ”

A path to long-term sustainability

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Yahoo executives mentioned Gemini 37 times during the third quarter earnings call. . It’s also clear, however, that it’s only very early days and that advertisers now trying out Gemini are actually part of the testing process.

“Mobile search continues to be a critical investment area for us,” Mayer said. “And one of the main ways we’re investing is to shift additional traffic and advertisers to the Gemini platform to fully optimize and train our advertising system. Overall, we remain optimistic about growth opportunities in research. »

Agencies say they’ll be more likely to shop around if they start seeing Yahoo Gemini pushing the boundaries, experimenting, and delivering a different offering from Google and Bing.


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