12 Travel Email Templates To Browse Through For Design Inspiration

Our inboxes are always filled with numerous travel newsletters from all those amazing travel websites we once subscribed to. In addition, Of course, we never cease to be inspired by wanderlust! Email marketing can do wonders for the travel industry, which is quite evident from the fact that travel emails have an open rate of 20.69%. Travel industry email marketers often spend a lot of money and design engaging emails and newsletters to engage their subscribers. After that, But what is it that will make you stand out from the crowd? Email Uplers has collected these travel email template examples from across the industry and done an email design audit so you know what others are doing and what you should or shouldn’t do. 1. Carnival Carnival Cruise Line On the brand: There is pre-header text, which helps increase open rate.

‘Today’s Deals’, ‘Join Club VIFP’ and ‘My Benefits’ are the sections that generate user interest. It is visually appealing The header text invites the subscriber to scroll through the entire email. Similarly, The GIF at the bottom grabs the subscriber’s attention Tunisia B2B List prompts them to click on the email. Above all, CTAs are strategically placed, with interesting copy. off brand: The image-based template will not look as attractive with images turned off. Email length can be an impediment to email metrics. 2. Secret Escapes Secret Escapes email In the First scroll mark it shows all the essential information. The full-width header image along with the headline can grab the attention of subscribers instantly.

The Call To Action

Is interesting enough to generate clicks. The text-image relationship is well maintained. It is a good idea to have a FAQ link for better participation. Off-brand Preheader text can be included. Social sharing buttons are missing. 3. Eurostar eurostar mail Click on the link to see the beautiful video. On Brand Follow email design best practices, such as inclusion of preheader text, social sharing buttons, “Unsubscribe” link, and “View Online” link. In conclusion, The beautiful hero image makes the subscriber curious to scroll through the entire email. Video in email helps get better clicks. The text to image ratio is correctly. Off-brand Video is not by all email clients. Language can be a barrier for subscribers who cannot understand French.

Tunisia B2B List

Hawaiian Airlines Hawaiian On the mark The cinemagraph gives a pleasant feeling to the subscriber. Calls to action are strategically. Images and copy are relevant to each other. Outside of the Cinemagraph branding it will not be visible to Outlook users. 5. The Ultimate email template examples-The UltimateOn the brand: The first roll clearly conveys the travel message. It’s good to have important links used as navigation. The height of the email is perfect. Moreover, Off-brand: The previous header, web version, and can-spam footer are not (this could come from ESP when). The style of the text link does not match the design. There is no CTA in the copy.

Butlin Travel-email-template

Examples-ButlinsOn the mark: You get the message and deliver it on the first scroll. The height of the email is perfect. Moreover, The “Don’t Miss” section creates a sense of urgency. The 3 column section covers all offers within a small height. Most importantly, It’s good to have important links used as navigation. Off-brand: The previous header, web version view. Can-spam footer are not (this could come from ESP when). 7. Most importantly, Hipmunk Travel-email-template-examples-HipmunkOn the brand: The character of the email maintains the look of the brand throughout the design. The first roll conveys the Company’s service. The call to action and the option to download the apps for Android and IOS stand out aptly.

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