10 Memorial Day Emails To Help You Create A Conversion

The month of May brings with it a special day for the US, a day that honors the brave men and women who have died while serving in the military. Yes! Memorial Day is right around the corner and as we remember and honor all of our veterans, this holiday is inevitably a great time to reach out to your customers, communicate, engage and drive sales. Travel and meetings are one of the few highlights of this summer vacation, but with the current crisis, when neither is advisable, you can always focus all your marketing efforts on the popularity of shopping when it comes to the Memorial Day, which falls on May 25 this year.

Deals during this long weekend have proven to drive sales consistently every year. This is mainly because the prospect of deals and discounts attracts a large number of consumers. What better way to promote sales during this special holiday than through emails! Since now is the right time to start planning your Memorial Day email campaign, without UK B2B List ado, let’s jump in to see some of the brands that have played nice with their emails this time around through design, awesome text and email concept. RAW generation This email from RAW Generation, a company that produces natural, preservative-free products for a healthier lifestyle, was sent a month before the holidays.

The Subject Line Cuts

To the chase: “Memorial Day is a month away!” However, the header of the email reads, “1 month until swimsuit season,” which is a subtle reminder for readers to get their bodies ready for the beach. The layout is simple and the copy is short and to the point. The product is placed just below the main copy followed by the rate sheet and call to action. The footer has a short description of the brand, a few more actions, and its social media buttons, allowing the user to choose a different medium to connect with the brand. This email is simple, clear and conveys the message avoiding all forms of obscurity. Any Promo This AnyPromo email has used a bright color palette with all the elements of the American flag: the stars, stripes, and colors.

UK B2B List

There is hardly any copy and the offer is the main text highlighted here, followed by the products that also complement the theme of the party. The design is brilliantly conceptualized, as without much text to explain, the message of celebrating the spirit of the American holiday can still be understood. Subject: Get ready to chill and grill! The MEMORIAL DAY pre-sale is here… ZOX This email from Zox is brilliant because it has almost no copy! Any message that had to be broadcast is communicated only in the subject line. A Special ZOX Drop before Memorial Day. That’s it. If you take a look at the email layout, the two dominant colors are from. The national flag, again representing the holidays. The hero image in the first fold has the two products to be released. The second fold has the product name, display, and CTA, respectively.

This Brand Has Made Sure They

Don’t beat around the bush and makes the most of an open email. Well done ZOX! Iron & Resin Iron & Resin sent this email to promote their Memorial Day sale. The offer is highlighted and kept in focus. The various sections of the brand where the offer involved are detailed further down in the email. Followed by items for participation, they haven’t made any more fuss about their offer. The visualization in the email beautifully represents the tone of the brand. LOFT Loft has done a great job of sending an email without a picture for a promotion. This tease email is a reminder of the sale that hasn’t been published yet. But the publicity created will definitely register the message. As the entire email is technically a single word: “Tomorrow.”

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