How To Improve The Impact Of Your Email Marketing

How to improve the impact of your email marketing campaign with inbound best practices Published: 2018-05-08 Do you know what is the most important thing when it comes to marketing? LISTENING. It may sound strange, I know, but tell me honestly, what kind of people do you like? The ones who sing their own praises or the ones who speak up, but only after hearing what you have to say? The second guy, right? The same works in email marketing as well. Email is one of the most personal ways to reach your target audience. And don’t we all love receiving emails tailored to meet our specific needs? The more you understand your subscriber’s situation, the better position you’ll be in sending them the right suggestions and convincing them to become your customers.

This is the basis of inbound marketing. Before long, however, it was outbound marketing that had all the powers. Outbound marketing is about sending your marketing message to a maximum number of people through channels like direct mail, cold calling, TV Uganda B2B List radio commercials, print ads, etc. No wonder it’s called interrupted marketing! On the other hand, inbound marketing is about attracting prospects through relevant content, incentives, and a great user experience , prompting them to connect with you and eventually convert. Content marketing, SEO, email, and social media marketing are some of the ways you do your inbound marketing.

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Group Taking an inbound approach to your email marketing strategy is now essential, and I’m not alone; 68% of responsive organizations believe their marketing strategy is effective. Furthermore, we have our own numbers to prove it. Here’s a case study from one of our clients who approached us to help them create an easy-to-convert email template that will help their business drive better results in clicks, views, purchases, and ROI. We responded to our client’s challenges, understood their target audience, and created an email template using inbound tactics that help nurture and convert customers.

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Such an email is also less attractive. The client was not very happy with the ROI that this template was getting. So, we were asked to create a new design for the same template. Our Inbound Solution We created a new version of the template taking advantage of the basic principle of inbound: provide information that the subscriber would want to know (nurture the potential client), in a more attractive and clean format. Here’s a look at the template designed with input principles. inbound email The emphasis in this responsive template with an online view link is more on making the information in the email easily accessible and conveying the tagline behind the email in the first fold. In this way, the subscriber gets to know what the email is about, in the initial section itself.

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ROI CAN BE INCREASED WITH INBOUND EMAIL MARKETING The challenge. Here is the template that the client had been sending to promote a particular product: inbound email 1 They have used a video link about the product in focus and there is also a text describing the product. The play link takes the subscriber to a landing page where they can view the product description in video form. The clearance sale notice is placed below the fold. Major flaw: campaign is text heavy; images help to a certain extent, but they do not reduce the burden of the text to convey the message. When there is too much text in an email, subscribers tend to skim through it. In the process, the chance of missing an important message or offer is high.


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