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You worked really hard to create great content for your website, blog, or email newsletter. You spent hours researching the topic, reached out to your audience asking for their preferences, and even hired a proofreader to make sure all your ‘ I’s were dotted and all your ‘Ts’ were crossed. So far so good! But a few days after posting your content or sending your email, you log into Google Analytics to check the ‘performance’ of your masterpiece. And it surprises you: the numbers are much lower than you expected! What happened? Did your readers not like the content? Didn’t it resonate with them? Was it poorly researched, designed or implemented? In all likelihood, the quality of your content was not the issue. The problem was that their content did not reach the right type or number of readers.

In other words, your content could have reached thousands of potential readers, but because they didn’t even know your blog or website existed , it did n’t . One way to get around this challenge is through content syndication . With syndication, authors can publish their content on popular websites to drive more traffic to their own site, increase Switzerland WhatsApp Number List readership, and even establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. But content syndication is also extremely useful for email marketers. By using syndicated content in your email campaigns, you can: Reach a broader and more targeted audience Get more brand exposure and generate more leads Strengthen your brand by reducing the chance of sending irrelevant content to the wrong audience With Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) and Email Studio , all of these benefits can be achieved seamlessly and at low cost.

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We’ll show you exactly how! Our SFMC developers can design flawless email templates But before we dive into delivering content in Email Studio, let’s understand the basics, starting with… What is content distribution? In simpler terms, content syndication is when web content is on some third-party website. The original creator gets exposure and publicity for their brand, as well as backlinks to their own website, often for free, while the third party gets free, relevant content for their website without spending their own resources (usually time and money) to create it. In conclusion, right from the start. A win-win “barter” system for the digital age! Virtually any type of digital content: · Blogging long-form articles · Videos · Infographics … And much more.

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You can even distribute content for your email marketing campaigns using SFMC Email Studio! Content syndication is not a new concept. In the pre-Internet era, large newspapers and magazines sometimes printed syndicated content provided by smaller publications or freelance writers. Moreover, The former got more content for their media, while the latter were able to reach a larger audience with their writing. Content Distribution in Email Marketing with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio Now that we’ve got the basics, here’s how to do content syndication in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC)

is an integrated, intelligent, cloud-based solution for building robust digital marketing campaigns across multiple customer touchpoints. Including email, social, and mobile. Email Studio is a robust email marketing tool within the SFMC platform that provides a powerful set of easy-to-use features. Including the ever-popular Content Builder. Marketers around the world trust Email Studio to create sophisticated, personalized and automated email campaigns with the original. Engaging content to drive customer interactions and build their brands. But did you know that Email Studio distributes content in your email marketing campaigns? Most importantly, With Email Studio, you can include content in your emails directly from external sources.

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