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Whenever we ask our clients the goals of their email campaigns, the answers are many and varied. Some say, “sell the products.” Others say, “give information” or “offer services.” All these purposes can be achieved by working on the following aspects: Always send an email with a strong purpose. Have an engaging subject line and preheader text to get the subscriber to open your email. Promote an offer that the subscriber cannot refuse. Share valuable information via email copy. Use relevant and engaging images to support the copy. Add a clear call to action that will make the recipient click. We’ll focus on how to make high-converting CTAs and drive more conversions through your email campaigns.

Any button or link that prompts the potential customer to click is known as a call to action. (CTA) The call to action should let the subscriber know what they will get when they click the button. It should be compelling enough to prompt the next Macau B2B List from the subscriber. 1. CTA Copy Persuasion is the key to effective calls to action. Your copy should be simple and practical. Refrain from using cliché words like Submit and Click Here. Instead, try using compelling verbs like Try, Read, and Get. “Sign up for free trial,” “Reserve my spot,” and “Download my eBook” are all good CTA buttons to drive clicks. You can take inspiration from ace & tate and think of creative CTA copy.

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To Content Verve’s Michael Aagaard, first-person narratives perform better compared to second-person CTAs. 2. CTA Placement Place your first call-to-action button at the top of the page so the user can click and take action without having to scroll through the entire email. By doing so, your emails can be easily scanned and it conveys the message effectively. Udemy sends an email with a single call to action placed just above the main image. udemy Also, maintain a proper hierarchy according to the order in which you want the subscriber to act. The first email call-to-action should be placed prominently.

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If your email consists of multiple calls to action, you need to make sure they don’t distract the user from the main action. Keep your email as organized as possible to make it more useful. Here’s a good example from Woman’s Day. The main “Read More” CTA is placed on the first fold and subsequent CTAs are placed after that. Calls to action are written in plain text so there are no rendering issues. women’s Day 3. CTA Design To make sure your email CTA is clickable, it needs to be visually appealing. Use contrasting colors to make it stand out from the email copy. Take a look at the email call-to-action button on acid.

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The reader’s attention and prompt him to “start testing.” email on acid Did you notice the ample white space around the CTA which adds to the subtlety of the design? This is a good practice for mobile users because it makes the call to action easily touchable. 4. Specificity and Value Your subscriber is likely to be in the middle of something by the time they open your email. Therefore, you should do your best to be specific and offer value to the reader. Here is an example from SHEfinds . They’ve showcased Beats headphones and created a sense of urgency with their “Better Date” CTA. Once you click on the CTA, you will be redirected to a landing page that shares the discount code and invites you to make the purchase right away.

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