Top 15 Transactional Email Designs We Bet You’ll Love

We all love that warm welcome message we get when we sign up for emails from a brand, right? What about those brilliant and timely emails we get when we add products to the cart but don’t checkout? I am an absolute fan of these creative emails. All of these are transactional emails. Transactional emails, as the name suggests, are sent in response to any “transaction” made by the customer with your brand. Let’s take a look at some of the activities that can be referred to as ‘transactions’: When a customer makes a purchase When someone signs up for a webinar When a potential client attends an event or conference When a customer downloads a resource from your website When a visitor signs up to receive your emails

When a customer browses some products or adds them to the cart When a customer completes your survey and provides feedback Also, companies send transactional emails every time an order is confirmed or shipped, or when delivery is shipped or delayed due to some reasons. Here are some inspirational email examples of transactional Venezuela WhatsApp Number List straight from our inbox and some internet sources. 1. Email verification email (double opt-in email) Double opt-in email is the key to maintaining a healthy email list. It helps make sure your list contains valid email addresses of people who are really in hearing from you. This is how Chipotle nails the verification email with a catchy headline, a clear call to action, navigation links, and social sharing icons at the end.

Verification Email Template

Email to reset password To be honest, forgetting the password is the most common phenomenon in a person’s life. Wistia’s password reset email drew particular attention in our inbox because of its clever subject line: “Out with the old (Wistia password), in with the new.” Interesting, right? password reset email 3. Welcome email The welcome email is one that is sure to. Just like people expect a smile or a hello when you meet them, your subscribers expect a welcome email when they sign up for your website. Moe’s Southwest Grill sends a short and sweet email to welcome new subscribers and encourage them to stop by for a personalized customer experience.

Venezuela WhatsApp Number List

welcome email template Once you show up, they add you to their rewards program and send you a welcome email that rewards you with a free cup of their famous Queso. welcome email template 4. Event registration email Recognizing a registrant is an important aspect of event email marketing. It makes them more excited to attend the event. This is how Litmus does it for Litmus Live virtual registrants. Email not only lets them know what kind of information the sessions will include, but also invites them to share their comments or questions. The user can easily add the event to their calendar which would work as a reminder so they don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend. registration email template The Why and How of Interactive Emails at SFMC 5.

Order Confirmation Email Letting

Your customer know they’ve received their order is one of the best email marketing practices for all online shopping platforms. Allbirds sends one of the cutest order confirmation emails with a cute hero image. All the order details the customer might be looking for. Acknowledgment email 6. Order confirmed by email After placing an order. A user anxious to know if their order is and what its delivery date will be. Order confirmation emails assure the buyer that they will receive their order within a few days. The Firebox order confirmation email is a great example of a transactional email as it flatters. The subscriber with cutesy lines. Also summarizes the order details. confirmed email template 7. Article Email It is poetry to the ears of all online shoppers that the product is.

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