Top 5 Smart Ways To Use Testimonials In Your Email

How many times have you planned to make a purchase and searched for customer reviews or testimonials on the website? Are you always right? That’s the thing with consumer psychology. We tend to believe the comments of other users instead of the claims made by the brand. Additionally, people are 270 percent more likely to buy a product that has five reviews compared to one that has none. Since a testimonial represents people’s unbiased perception, it is considered more trustworthy. Alleviates the reluctance that the client could have regarding the purchase. It makes decision making easier for the customer if he finds a positive review of the product or service that he plans to buy.

For example: if you want to buy a new mobile phone, a testimonial would reinforce your willingness to make the purchase and remove any ambiguity. Of course, testimonials are used across all digital marketing channels and emails are no exception. The benefit of using a testimonial in emails is that you can send testimonials relevant to the offers Greece WhatsApp Number List customer is most interested in. Let’s say you own a digital marketing agency and a potential client is interested in purchasing your content marketing services. It would work great if you send an email with testimonials from clients who have used your content marketing services. With these points in mind, let’s look at some awesome ways you can use testimonials in your emails. 1. Tell a story We all love stories.

Instead Of Talking About

Your product in a promotional tone, it is better to share your customer’s experience with the audience. While it will work as proof that your products and services are worth buying, it will tap into the emotional instinct of the customer. Take a look at this email example from Fetching Fields about canine wellness treats. In the email, they have featured oSHen Creative founder Amanda and her pet canine Henry. She describes her beautiful relationship and how Fetching Fields is an important part of her life. The sweet story ends by inviting other users to share their adventure with the hashtag #FetchingWith. It’s a great way to encourage people to share their stories that can be reused as testimonials.

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tell a story in email template Calm is a good example of using a user story to promote premium membership discount. Personal user experience adds a human touch to email and increases the likelihood of conversion. promote discount This idea can also be applied in emails from the travel or hospitality industry. You can invite people to share your memorable moments on their social networks (especially Instagram) and then promote the same in your emails (with the client’s permission). These testimonials can also be in the form of a video, which would further enhance the customer experience. 2. Introduce your prospects to people like themed prospects By using testimonials in emails, you can let your customers know that there are people just like them.

It Would Help Them Identify

With users and figure out ways to address their challenges. Winsor & Newton have promoted their Fineliners with the help of compelling copy followed by testimonials highlighting key product features. It would leave a deeper impact on the psychology of the consumer. Make them make the purchase. introduce your prospects Another example is that of Eight Sleep. In which they have just shared three user testimonials. They have used relatable language that would sound more believable and encourage the potential customer to try them. email testimonials 3. Talk about the usefulness of your product. Testimonials are a great way to let potential customers know how your product has changed customers’ lives. For example: Suppose you sell anti-aging creams.

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