4 Benefits Of Sending Transactional And Promotional Emails

Brands send many different types of emails, each with their own target audience, purpose, target, and use case. Two of the most common types are promotional emails and transactional emails . The former is primarily on customer acquisition, retention, and engagement, while the latter is about facilitating a one-on-one interaction to complete a particular recipient-initiated transaction or process. transactional emails Transactional Emails Source: Reallygoodemails promotional emails Promotional Emails Source – Reallygoodemails Despite these differences, both ways can work together to help brands create a powerful email program that builds meaningful relationships with audiences, now and in the future.

In fact, this potential for relationship building is one of the most important reasons to use a single platform to send both promotional and transactional emails. And Email Studio in Salesforce Marketing Cloud is such a powerful and integrated platform that benefits both the marketer and the end recipient. What are these benefits? Keep reading to USA WhatsApp Number List more! But first, the basics. Promotional or transactional emails: what are they and how are they different? In general, a promotional email is any type of email with commercial intent. It is usually strategically and sent to a group of contacts, whether they are prospects or customers or both, and its purpose is to interact with recipients to persuade them to take a certain action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a service , download an app, visit a physical store, etc.

A Transactional Email

On the other hand, is more of a “one-to-one” email, that is, it is sent to facilitate the completion of an ongoing transaction that is typically at the request of a user (recipient). This is why transactional emails are also known as triggered or programmatic emails . These emails are often time critical, because recipients are waiting to receive them in response to a particular transaction. These are the common types of promotional and transactional emails: promotional transactional coupons Registration Confirmations / Welcome Emails Discounts.

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order confirmations Limited Time Sale Notices purchase receipts Special offers Account notifications, such as registrations Invitations to unique events Password Changes/Resets Product Updates Shipment information newsletters Legal/Policy Updates or Notices Abandoned shopping cart messages Promotional vs. Transactional Emails: Guidelines and Best Practices For both promotional and transactional emails, following certain best practices can help brands improve their chances of reaching their recipients’ inboxes and achieving their goals.

Best Practices For Promotional Emails

Customize the ‘from’ line so the recipient can identify you as the sender. Include a greeting to build a personal connection from the start With “special offer” emails, state the offer clearly. Make sure it’s relevant to that recipient Present the value proposition in. The subject line in an intriguing yet friendly way · Keep the copy short. Less is more! · Use dynamic content (images, photos, infographics, etc.) to grab. Hold your recipient’s attention Add a clear call to action. That aligns with the overall narrative of the email. Pay attention to brand elements such as logo, design, and layout. Use them consistently. · Create mobile-optimized emails · Make it easy to unsubscribe, especially for US recipients.

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