Email Marketing: Video For Every Stage Of The Buyer’s Journey

Email as we know it was born in the mid-1990s, and surprisingly, it remains one of the most effective and prominent ways businesses can spread their promotional messages now, even more than 20 years later. Yes, the days of AOL disks and dial-up have mostly come and gone, but email is still here, fighting the good fight and reaching more inboxes today than ever before . Its long history and continued success means that if you want to reach your target audience, email should still be one of your primary methods of communication at every step of your marketing efforts. But how can you use email to reach your audience throughout your buyer’s journey?

What tools are at your disposal to make your message more memorable for that audience? How can you make sure your email stands out from the rest? One way? Video! Not only is video an important part of your overall marketing plan, but including Turkey B2B List in your email strategy is crucial if you want to increase your open rates, click-through rates, engagement metrics, and more. Today, we show you how to boost your email marketing strategy with video, addressing every stage of the buyer’s journey and helping make your brand a priority for your consumers. a quick note Including video in your email strategy is a must, but there are some technical hurdles you need to be aware of.

Most Email Clients

Don’t allow video to play natively, so you’ll have to use a workaround: embed a video screenshot or gif in the body of your email with a embed button. overlay playback. That will cause users to click or tap on the “video”, which will take them to a landing page on your website, or a video hosting platform, where they can watch the video in its entirety. Let us begin! Stage 1: brand awareness The goal of this stage is to let your target audience know that they have a problem that needs a solution and that your company can help them solve it. At this stage, you’ve likely sent out emails introducing your brand, promoting special limited-time offers, or sharing newsletters to help keep your brand top of mind.

Turkey B2B List

Due to the introductory nature of this stage, including videos in your emails is one of. The easiest ways to make your brand stand out from the rest. Simply including the word “Video” in your subject line can increase your email open rates by 7 percent. Including a video in the body of your email can increase your click-through rate by as much as 200 to 300 percent. Here are some of the types of videos you can use in your awareness emails to keep users moving through the marketing funnel. Toward a sale. Advertising or Branding Videos. These videos introduce your brand or product to your audience, specifically showcasing your brand story. The benefits of choosing you over the competition.

Educational Videos Is There

A topic related to your industry that could use a deeper explanation? Use an educational video to educate your audience and highlight you as a thought leader. Social Content Videos – These videos are short, bite-sized snippets of content that can be funny, educational, or memorable. They are meant to build buzz and keep your name first.LemonLight Video in email examples Stage 2. Brand Consideration Here, your users are familiar with the issue they’re facing and your company. But they’re not ready to make a purchase yet. They are still in the learning phase, researching products and solutions, and comparing features and offerings.

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