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Simply login to hotmart. Choose the “statistics and reports” option on the home menu. And click on “purchase recovery report” . The last option for producers. Browser-frame-1 then. Just search for the product you want and check information such as name. Email. Phone and the date on which all leads generated for this product occurred. It is also possible to export a spreadsheet with all this information . To make your work even easier. Automatic contact management (listboss) – integrate your email marketing tool with hotmart do you want to find out now how to integrate a powerful tool from hotmart. Listboss.

To the email marketing tool you use? Read the post and stay inside! 05/27/2015 by leonardo reading time 5 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp listboss – integrate your email marketing tool with hotmart you. Digital producer. Know the importance of managing your leads. And of course you understand that good email marketing strategies can bring excellent results for your business. Right? And it was thinking of further improving the work of our producers that hotmart created the automatic contact management (listboss). And the most interesting thing is that this tool helps.

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Results for those who use it – according to a study Honduras cell phone numbers we carried out with our producers . Those who use automatic contact management (listboss) can sell up to 8 times more . Want to learn everything to start using this tool right now? So let’s go! Lead organization automatic contact management (listboss) is a tool to help organize leads . With it. The digital producer can integrate his email marketing service directly with the hotmart platform. In this integration. According to specific and pre-determined actions (such as generating a ticket or filling out the checkout). It is possible to manage and move your leads within your email marketing provider.

Honduras cell phone numbers

Creating automatic segmentations for each product. See some examples: 1st – when your lead is at the hotmart checkout. Executes the purchase action of a certain product and it is approved. You can. Through the integration of the automatic contact management (listboss). Automatically add it to a list of predetermined email address (segmentation) – for example. A list of “product x buyers”. Then you automatically put all people with approved purchases on a specific list. In it. You can work an upsell of your product. For example. 2nd – when your lead makes the purchase and chooses the boleto format. You can add it to a new list. Here.

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Reminders. After all. People end up forgetting for several reasons. And that can help increase your conversion. After the person makes the purchase. You can use automatic contact management (listboss) to add the lead to the buyer list. And then? Did you like this news? Take the opportunity to further structure the relationship with your leads. Defining more assertive and effective strategies. :d “important : the automatic contact management tool (listboss) can only be used by producers who already use an email marketing service.” see below some of the email marketing services already approved: klick mail .

Mailchimp . Aweber . Active campaign . Infusionsoft . Getresponse . E-goi . Rd station and leadlovers . Step by step for the integration of automatic contact management (listboss) access the hotmart platform. Go to the “my products ” menu. Choose the product you want to integrate and click on the “manage” button (in the upper right corner of the product). In the internal menu of the chosen product. Locate the “tools” link. Then go to automatic contact management (listboss). Providers available for integration with listboss as shown above. You will choose your email marketing service and validate your access account.

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