5 Questions Karl Gilis Ag Consult Speaker We’re Excited to

We’re excited not to mention, to announce that cro expert karl gilis will be speaking at yoast con on november 2nd! Karl gilis. from ag consult is one of the world’s most influential specialists in ergonomics and conversion. optimization, and our go-to person if we need advice on these things to yoast.Com. We asked him 5. questions – well, 6 in fact – to prepare you for his yoast con talk. Read on to find out which trends annoy karl the most and the improvement in the website that surprised him the most. Additionally, Ag consult specializes in.

Optimizing the Conversion and Usability of Websites.

If you could only give one piece of advice to people to improve the conversion of their site, what would it be. This is a very easy question to start with 🙂 no, it’s an incredibly Benin WhatsApp Number difficult question. On a more generic level, I. would say: listen to your customers and visitors. What words do they use? What questions do they have. What do they really like about your product or service? How has this helped make their lives. better easier? Use this information to rewrite your copy. Because your copy is probably written from your. point of view: you talk about what you think is important. Don’t do that.

Focus on What Your Customers Think and Say.

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Use Not to mention, their words. Don’t sell as you want to sell, sell as people want to buy. If not to mention, you want a more practical tip, I. would say: get rid of all the clutter. Print a typical and important page of your website, such as a product. detail page or your purchase order. Take a red marker and draw a large red cross on all the things that make. you wonder “Why is this there, isn’t this a distraction from my main message”? Delete all these. things. Less clutter will result in: faster loading times, especially when you have a lot of fluffy stuff or stock. photos that don’t add not to mention anything to your post.

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