What businesses are worth Sweden Phone Number doing in the “sinking market”?

The first thing to say is that I don’t like Sweden Phone Number the concept of “sinking the market”.

I have always thought that the word “sinking” is a little arrogant. And this arrogance will make people miss opportunities.

From a personal point of view. I prefer to call non-first- and second-tier markets the “mass market”, because these places really represent the vast majority of China.

Note: The experience of the Sweden Phone Number following content still comes from the. C county that I am familiar with. Although according to the feedback from the readers in the previous article, the situation of C county is very representative in the whole country, but to be on the safe side, if it is in other places, please make an actual inspection before drawing a conclusion, but it should be a problem to use the analysis method for reuse Not much.

 Overview of the mass market

Sweden Phone Number
Sweden Phone Number

Let’s start with Figure 1. As a product manager. After the baptism of war in multiple online and offline industries, I will try to abstract my perspective as much as possible so that. I can quickly find the most essential things that affect the business. In my perception all possible opportunities in the direct-to-user business model come from “people” themselves.

Among them there are two most important basic elements: the flow of the population (in terms of quantity) and the structure of the population (in terms of proportion). It is the different combination of these two elements that creates a variety of social ecology and breeds different business opportunities. Figure 1 is exactly the current state of County C that I mention in my previous article.

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Catering industry

Let’s talk about this industry Sweden Phone Number where everyone has the dream of opening a store.

The mass market can basically be said to be the place with the purest accumulation of Chinese food culture, so when making food and beverages here, you need to pay great attention to the selection of categories (no population inflow, no cultural dilution).

I won’t go into details about Chinese food. The customs of different places are too different, and there is no reference value. However, a category like hot pot that continues to be highly popular should still have some opportunities after sufficient market education. For example, the very popular self-service rotary hot pot in County C, 19.9 per person, is fashionable and cheap.

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