What Is The Right Email List Size And How To Grow

It’s puzzling to understand the optimal number of contacts to add to your list for a great marketing strategy. You don’t want to underestimate it and not be casting a wide enough net to generate results. But you also don’t want to spend too much time and energy on your email list and not be able to devote enough to serving your audience. So what is the right email list size for effective marketing? Let’s find out. Two Factors Influencing Email List Size Effective marketing comes down to the quality and quantity of your efforts. When considering the size of your email list, we’ll look at two factors that play a critical role. 1. Communication channels First there are the communication channels. This factor takes into account the means through which you intend to reach your target audience.

You’ll need on your email list to increase your chances of success largely depends on the channel you’re using. And the number of potential customers you want to reach varies based on other factors, including the target market share you’re hoping to get, your advertising budget, the number of emails/content you send, etc. Consider the sales funnel. The more people you can reach at the top of the funnel in Awareness and Interest, the more people you can Algeria WhatsApp Number List into customers. sales funnel If your email list is your primary source of customer acquisition, it will need to be large enough to support your sales goals. If you have other channels that are funneled into your sales channel, your email list doesn’t need to be as large. However, email marketing is a powerful tool to get people to like, know and trust your brand.

The Number Of Contacts

This positive action tells you something. You need to serve these subscribers by providing value. Your inbox is a sacred and busy place. The average email open rate in 2019 was 21.33%. Your message should stand out and remind them why they decided to let you communicate with them via email. 2. Conversion rate The second factor that plays a role in determining the ideal size of your email list is the conversion rate. Your conversion rate is simply the number of people who take the desired action, such as making a purchase. When determining the correct size for your email list, you need to understand where you currently stand. What is the current conversion rate? What is the behavior of your target audience? How close are you to achieving your sales goals? At what point are you losing subscribers?

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What is attracting the most new subscribers? If your current conversion rate is 1% and your sales goals require a 2% conversion rate, you’ll need to create a larger pool of candidates. Another strategy is to also look at the quality of the contacts on your email list. If you have a large number of contacts and still a very low conversion rate, you may be reaching the wrong audience with the wrong content. In this case, it will require better email copy, exploring different communication channels, segmenting behavior, and perfecting your message with personalization. Reach more interested people You know you need to grow your email marketing contact list. Explore different strategies to determine which one has the best results and improve your conversion rate.

Analyze Your Existing

You may already be running circles with your ideal customers. You can use apps to help automate and organize the task of managing your contacts for a scalable and efficient network. LinkedIn is a popular resource for expanding and sharing information with your network. You can also opt for a personal CRM app like Covve. This route is a more personalized approach that will help you create a personalized touch in your networking efforts, provide the assistance of artificial intelligence, and even allow you to scan business cards. Growing your email list shouldn’t be another daunting task. Use your existing assets and make them work for you. 2. Increase the number of locations where potential customers can sign up. One of the best ways to grow your email list is to incorporate multiple calls to action into all of your communications across many channels.

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