What is Cloud Technology?

Increasing number of computer and mobile users day by day. Those who turn to data storage solutions and What is Cloud Technology? It increases the number of people looking for answers to the question.

Cloud Computing, also Cloud Technology known as Cloud Computing . Which we can call the most popular data storage solution , uses the word “cloud” as a metaphor for “Internet”.

Cloud Technology; is that your data is store on physical or virtual servers by third-party service providers. Which you can access over the internet, inste of being store on your computer’s hard drive.

Thanks to cloud technology

It is possible to store files and applications belonging to Cambodia Phone Number users and access them over the internet by service providers with cloud infrastructure such as Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, Gmail.

Cloud Technology; It can be define as the  Cloud online provision of information processing services such. As storage space, databases, network and software.

In cloud technology, it is essential that copies of data files are kept. On cloud servers rather than distribute to individual client devices . In other words, video sharing cloud services such as Netflix transmit videos to their customers with an application that they can view over the internet, instead of sending DVDs.

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One of the factors affecting the growth

of the cloud computing market every year is that companies want to use the hardware (server and network components) of cloud providers instead of allocating large budgets for hardware.

But the growth of cloud technology isn’t just driven by large businesses; It is also driven by consumers connecting to cloud computing services at home, at work, on the road. 11% of the world’s population, that is 1.2 billion people, contribute to this growth by using Facebook, perhaps without even realizing it.

Cloud Technology Deployment Types
Cloud technology; It has distribution types classified as general, specific and hybrid.

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