When families suffer from hunger, children are the biggest victims

Teacher Cai’s classroom is located on Nong’an Street, and there is a police booth nearby. I haven’t seen you for a few years. I didn’t know at the time that so many unfortunate things happened to the teacher during that time. Her husband, Lei Shiyu, deported to Hong Kong because of the February 28 Incident. But she was not allowed to go abroad for reunion with her young son. Not to mention that in 1949, she was also inexplicably arrested on ideological. Charges and detained on Huoshao Island ( Green Island today) for three years. At that time, she had just returned from her release and was teaching dance again in the dance classroom on Nong’an Street. There was also a person in charge of surveillance in the classroom – “Mr. Lin”. At first I naively thought that this guy who stayed in the classroom all day long was another dance teacher!


At that time

The police would often come to interrupt our class. Sometimes it’s interrogating parents’ ID cards, and sometimes it’s questioning students. However, even so, Teacher Cai’s enthusiasm for dance remained undiminished. The tone of the dance teaching was still gentle and soft, and the expression was Lithuania Phone Number calm and elegant. She could not see in her that she had suffered a terrifying experience like being haunted by ghosts, and she had suffered a blow that was almost ruined. At that time, because I was young and innocent, I only had two things on my mind about studying dance and getting into university, and I didn’t pay much attention to politics and what happened in society. So, although the disturbance never stopped, I didn’t know how to be afraid at all. I’m just a simple student who came to learn dance!


Teacher Cai

Ruiyue was very happy to see me again in Taipei. At that time, due to the social atmosphere, there were very few boys who learned to dance. Even for a well-known dancer like Teacher Cai, there were only three male students in the classroom. But I don’t care about social perception at all, because only when I dance can I feel the vitality and joy deeply. As long as I stand on the stage, I forget everything.My first time on stage was at Teacher Cai’s performance in the auditorium of Taipei No. 1 Girls’ High School. I still remember that I was dancing Hungarian dance, and my female partner was Fang Shuyuan, a first-generation student of Teacher Cai. She and her sister Fang Shuhua learned dance with Teacher Cai and helped with the classroom.


Lithuania Phone Number

They were my seniors. Because of the need on stage, I applied makeup for the first time and felt very fresh. However, my first stage look was very difficult, wearing a normal shirt and suit pants, and wearing rain boots as riding boots. Teacher Cai’s sister-in-law helped us make vests, and then I tied my headband and danced with a tambourine. My eldest brother came to see my performance, and he just said that if he liked it. He would practice hard, and he told me to cheer. With the support of my eldest brother. I carried on my father’s back with peace of mind and continued the class.

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