Which Torrent Sites Still Work?

Zooqle – Best torrent site for games. There are loads of game torrents on the Zooqle website. The site is fairly new to the world of torrenting. Although the site is popular for games, it also offers over 37,000 movies and over 600 TV shows. The average download speed on the platform is 2.6 MB/s. Reasons to Use a VPN When Torrenting ISPs tend to block torrent sites in order to curb illegal torrenting, and Google has also blocked torrent sites from appearing in its search results. To escape these blocks, it is advisable to use a VPN to access torrent sites. A VPN masks your IP address so that you remain anonymous while torrenting. If you don’t use a VPN, you risk receiving copyright infringement notices from your ISP, network disruptions, or even legal action.

Related: How Malware Developers Target Illegal Streaming 4 . Torlock – Best torrent site for EBooks and Anime. Torlock is also another popular torrent site with a simple user interface. This is ideal if you are looking for high-quality Anime e-books or videos. Some torrents on the site cannot be found on other trackers, but you will most likely find popular ones. However, the website contains risky advertisements and you are advised to access it with caution. The average download speed on the platform is 4.4 MB/s. 5 . Torrentz2 – Best torrent site for music. If Tunisia Phone Number List love music then Torrentz2 is your solution. On this site, you can find any music you want. Torrentz2 is the new version of the popular Torrentz site. The site has a minimalist and therefore easy to use interface, and the average download speed on the platform is 2.

Reasons To Use A Vpn When Torrenting

A VPN can also help you bypass blocks and access the site. The average download speed on the platform is 6.1 MB/s. 3 . 1337x – Best torrent site for software/apps. 1337x is a torrent website founded in 2007 and it is popular for its simple and organized platform. 1337x’s popularity surged in 2018 after the downfall of its other torrent competitor, Kickass Torrents. The site has also recently undergone massive changes, improving its layout and eliminating some serious security hazards. The website is banned from Google search results and you won’t get to it through a simple Google search. The ads on the platform, however, are a bit risky, so it is advisable not to open the site at work or near children. The average download speed on the platform is 4.

The site is available in 35 different languages ​​and you can find millions of torrent sites there. It’s simple and easy to use for everyone, and it’s not filled with annoying ads. It supports magnet links and the average download speed on the platform is 6.2MB/s. 2 . RARBG – Best Torrent Site for New Releases and 4K Movies RARBG has been running since 2008. Its popularity is due to high quality torrents and the ease of use of the platform. Everything on the site is free and new torrents are constantly being added to the platform. Despite its popularity, RARBG has been blocked in many countries for legal reasons. These blocks haven’t stopped people from accessing the platform though, and many are using RARBG mirror sites to gain access.

Rarbg – Best Torrent Site For New Releases And 4K Movies

Ivacy VPN is currently only $1.33 per month when you sign up for a five-year plan! Moreover, you can enjoy a lot. Torrenting these days is not what it was several years ago. There are newer and better torrent sites out there, but you won’t find them easily, even through Google search. You also don’t want to waste your valuable time checking out dozens of unwanted websites that promise torrenting but don’t actually offer it. Whether you’re looking for a movie, game, or your favorite TV show, the following list of torrent sites will simplify your torrenting experience, helping you find what you’re looking for in seconds. What are the best torrent sites that still work? 1 . Pirates Bay – Best Overall Torrent Site Pirate Bay (TPB) was founded in 2003 and is one of the best known torrent sites.

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