Why A Chatbot Is Ideal For Recruitment

Which of the 7 principles of influencing do you use? Or which one would you like to use more often?

Incidentally, people (unconsciously) also identify with people they do not know. Take the Netherlands. Although you do not know all Dutch people, you still feel a bond with them because they live in the Netherlands. The same goes for mothers: you feel connected to other mothers, even though you don’t know each other. It is not about how big the group is and how many people of that group choose something. It’s all about quality: people also find each other in niches.

A recruitment chatbot via Watermelon

Was unimaginable that a chatbot could relieve workload and take on such a high degree of automation. Despite the growing popularity and possibilities, we see that the full potential is not yet sufficiently exploited.

Currently, a chatbot is mainly used for customer Armenia Phone Number contact, marketing and sales . But there is another application that a chatbot is ideal for: recruitment & HR. And this is now super relevant with the current shortage on the labor market. For most companies, recruitment is a time consuming and often frustrating process. A chatbot can provide support. In this article you can read how this works and how to use it optimally.


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The chatbot as a recruiter

You are probably already familiar with most of the uses of a chatbot . But using a chatbot as an efficient recruitment tool may need some clarification. We understand that well, because not many companies use it in this way yet. Nevertheless, for the current shortage on the labor market, it can be a nice extra addition to attract people.

A chatbot within recruitment works twofold. On the one hand, the job posting page allows applicants to ask questions about the position or other related questions. This ensures that more information is available to the applicant about the open position or your company. On the other hand, you can let the chatbot make a pre-selection about suitable applicants. Based on education level, experience or other aspects that you may find important, the chatbot can make a selection from suitable candidates and forward them to your human recruiter. By automating this pre-selection, your recruiter has more time to talk to suitable candidates and get to know them better.

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