Write Subject Lines With Mobile In Mind

Write subject lines with mobile in mind Published: 2018-08-23 With the advancement of technology, mobile phones are getting smarter every day. The desktop-centric approach is changing every day as people use smartphones to keep up with the news. In the same way, people are now increasingly accessing emails on the go. Following Litmus reports, 55% of emails are now opened on mobile phones. If content is the lifeblood of your email, the subject line is the doorway to that content. Unless the subject line is compelling to your subscribers, they won’t make the effort to open and read the content of the email. With more than half of people reading email on their phones, a good subject line should be a priority.

It has been found that the number of emails sent and received per day in 2017 was 269 billion, in 2018 – 281 billion and the statistics are expected to increase in the coming years. Therefore, you need to make sure that your email stands out in the crowded Rwanda B2B List and this can be done effectively by writing an enticing subject line. Points to consider to create the perfect mobile subject line Keep it short and sharp Subject lines are meant to quickly grab the recipient’s attention. Subject lines shorter than 30 characters have been found to have higher open rates. Work on designing good subject lines that are interesting, to the point, have a clear message, and can hook your subscribers.

Don’t Make Your Subject

Line sound cliché. Know what your audience cares about. Avoid excessive use of promotional words. Make sure your subject lines don’t sound like a promotional phrase. Make it look more personalized. Refrain from using misleading subject lines. Sometimes, to attract subscribers, marketers take it too far. In such a case, instead of connecting with the needs and emotions of the subscriber, we end up losing their trust and interest. Therefore, try not to use misleading subject lines that can backfire. Never craft a clickbait subject line with RE: or FWD: just to increase opens on your promotional email because it would mislead the recipient that the email is part of an ongoing conversation. Stick to the 2-2-2 formula Always remember that a mobile user does not have a lot of time to invest in a particular email.

Rwanda B2B List

Therefore, a good subject line is the only way to grab their attention. The principle that applies to mobile subject lines is 2-2-2. First 2 – The first two seconds decide the destination of your email. In these two seconds, make sure you get the desired attention from your customer. Second 2: Represents the first two words of your subject line. Your subject line should emphasize these words, as they instantly grab the subscriber’s attention. Third 2 – This is the most important aspect of creating a mobile subject line. It is for today”. Does it mean how important is your mail today? How important is it to your customer and why should they open it?

Please Do Not Submit Unnecessary

Information that is not relevant to the current scenario. Tempt them with subject lines they can’t say no to. For example, something like “Your weekend is tidy! Order now to get 1+1 on your favorite dishes” Create a sense of urgency Remember that it is important that you create an urgency while promoting your offers. Don’t make your promotional emails boring. For e-commerce websites that run limited-time offers, it’s a good idea to use subject lines like “A few hours left until you get your 50% off offer.” This way you ensure that the ball stays in your court. But make sure you don’t use this trick too often, as it may not work for you every time. Ask questions With the growing popularity of email marketing, you need to start sending the right emails at the time you need to.

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