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Writing about seo is easier than implementing best practices on a website yourself. Every site is different. And each type of site presents its own challenge. We know this, and that’s why we started our yoast case. Studies, in which we look at an existing site and give the owner practical advice on how to optimize it. In this. Third case study: the referencing of a photographer’s site. Photo gr aphy and seo in this case study, we. Dive. Into a photographer’s site: geo ffwilkings.  Geoff is curious about what he could do to improve the. Seo of his website. He told us he’s 100% on photography and photos, but knows he needs textual content. To rank. He has a blog and he wonders if.

He Writes Clearly Enough for Prospects and Search Engines.

Let’s take a look at the different aspects of its photography website to see what’s good and what needs to be. Imp roved. Of course, a website is a work in progress, so while Bahrain WhatsApp Number we were reviewing its site, geoff has. Already made some changes to it. This means that what you see on its site may differ a bit from the. Screenshots below. But we will keep them here because we think they serve as beautiful examples! Every. Website needs content to rank photos vs text con tentit makes sense for photographers to want to showcase. Their work on their website. The photos show their style and by adding a lot of photos.

They Try to Convince Visitors of the Quality of Their Work.

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Posting great photos will of course increase the chances. That people want to hire you as a photographer. But what does this mean for seo. Adding content is one of the main things you need to do to get your website. To rank, as you may know. The content shows search engines what the website is about and for. Which queries it should rank. The content can consist of textual content but also photos, images and videos. For search engines, text content is the most valuable content; it helps them determine what the website is about.

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