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Product in an attractive way to your customers. By following the tips above, you will improve both the visibility of your eCommerce in terms of SEO and product categories. This configuration allows the user to have a simple and distraction-free shopping experience. And, at the same time, include a relevant amount of text that adds both important keywords and the necessary context so that search engines can find, index and rank the content of the online store. 2. Optimize product labels The goal is to display featured products and increase traffic to the website.

Product Tags Are Halfway

Between categories and attributes in terms of functionality. They are not hierarchical categories and are not necessary for variable products such as attributes. A good way is to think of tags as keyword suggestions for search Guatemala Phone Numbers  engines and even website visitors. Some plugins also use tags to order and display products in sections of the web, with the help of widgets. Create product labels Product tags can be created using the same method used to create categories. From the WordPress admin, go to Products and then click Tags. Give the tag a name and add a short description.

Hover Over the Tag

You just created, then click Edit. Fill in the SEO plugin details (long title and description) and then click Save. product labels A good idea when managing product tags is to link a category to an attribute -we’ll talk about them later-. For example, imagine that an online store has noticed that sales of blue t-shirts are increasing. A good way to help them increase their sales by drawing the attention of buyers to these products. Use tags to highlight products Continuing with the example above, imagine that you set the “T-Shirts” category and a color attribute with “blue” as an option.

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