The Time Period You Post

If you are targeting consumers by their title, LinkedIn can be a very powerful social media tool for you!

Since LinkedIn is a business-specific social media platform, it is generally a place where you can access more accurate information about people’s employers, positions, and e-mail addresses compared to other social media platforms.

LinkedIn; While it doesn’t drive as Colombia Phone Numbers much traffic as Facebook and Instagram, it’s a great platform for building a professional network.

Also, your LinkedIn posts don’t have to be short, as long as they’re relevant.

LinkedIn’s advertising platform is not as advanced in its functionality as Facebook’s.

However, if the target audience of your business includes certain businesses and occupational groups, with LinkedIn; You can find and interact with content by company type, industry or profession.


Considered a paradise for impressive photos and infographics, Pinterest is a social media platform full of ideas to develop your imagination.

More than 80% of Pinterest users worldwide are women, and it ranks 7th with 34% among the most used social media platforms in our country.

Although it does not seem very popular compared to other social media tools, having a unique audience makes Pinterest indispensable for the creative industries.

Although sharing is made in many different areas from technology to nature, Pinterest; It is a platform where businesses with a consumer portfolio interest in DIY, crafts, nutrition, decoration, fitness and fashion can place ads.

When using  it’s recommended not to overdo it with hashtags

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Develop A Strategy

Digital marketing covers stages such as increasing sales and generating interest.

Talking about multiple digital marketing strategies including social media management, What is Digital Marketing? You can expand your research by reading our article.

It will make your job easier to consider the following points. When planning a social media strategy to ensure that your campaigns reach your marketing goals.

You need to decide which platforms to use, how often to post, and what type of content to post. For this, it is recommend that you benefit from social media statistics and do research on

Consistently creating and publishing will create strong connections with your target audience.

It will also be easier to attract attention with content types. That take into account the interests and needs of your audience.

It is known that sharing important content

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