Your Guide To Migrating Between Popular Cloud Services

However, paying users can transfer around 50 GB of data for $9.99/month. Cloudfuze Pricing Transferring files from iCloud Drive to other cloud providers On your iPad, you can select a bunch of files from iCloud Drive and hit the “Share” button. Next, you will need to select the destination cloud provider. Currently, the App Store supports Google Drive , Google Photos, Dropbox, OneDrive , Box , and many more. After clicking “Upload”, your files are easily copied to the destination cloud. Conclusion Many of us have different cloud services to store files. Sometimes we may need to transfer them between them, either on a one-time basis or on a recurring backup schedule. In this guide, we’ve covered two useful apps to make the transfer as smooth as possible. What other tools and apps do you use for cross-cloud file migration? Please let us know in the comments.

With a paid plan starting at $9.90/month, you get advanced features like encryption, 150GB of traffic, and other convenient forms of access. Multicloud pricing 2. Cloudfuze Cloudfuze is another reliable cross-cloud file transfer service. Coverage includes OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Box, Microsoft Azure, GSuite, Wasabi, etc. You can easily create a free trial account on their website. cloudfuze Burkina Faso Email List requests to add various cloud providers with Mozilla Firefox work the same as before. You need to add permissions. Cloudfuze Permissions Once the clouds are added, choose a source cloud and a destination cloud as shown here. You can transfer the files online by clicking the “Migrate” button. Source Cloud Destination Cloud Cloudfuze 2 As a free user, you can only transfer 2 GB of data or 50 transfers per month.

Transferring Files From Icloud Drive To Other Cloud Providers

Transfer multiple selection from one cloud to another Dropbox to Box N Google Drive Wait a while for the files to be copied and transferred. Even with a free MultCloud account, your monthly data transfer quota is at least 30 GB, which is very generous for such an outstanding service. Progress status files transferred Dropbox to several other clouds You can see a success status when all your source files have been moved to their respective destinations. Success status files transferred from Dropbox to Box Using a “Cloud Sync” feature, you can enable automatic two-way synchronization between two cloud providers. You can also set them on a regular schedule. Related: Amazon Day: Get all your deliveries the same day Two-way Multcloud Google Drive sync box The basic MultCloud plan is free and allows up to 30 GB of monthly data transfer.

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The following permissions are for Microsoft OneDrive. Multcloud Synchronize Hotmail Remember that you can only add one cloud service at a time. The following permission is for Box. Box account with Multcloud Once all your clouds are added to the menu, select the provider where the files are currently stored. Select the files one by one, right click and select “Copy to”. Here I copied a bunch of files from Dropbox to other providers. Transfer files from one cloud to another Once the files are copied, choose your destination clouds. Transfer cloud another Multcloud Dropbox to other options You can either move files to a single provider or use the multi-select option to transfer them to multiple destination clouds. It’s the fastest way to back up your files to multiple clouds.

Multcloud Is One Of The Best Apps To Transfer

For other services, you can only transfer using third-party apps, as listed here. 1. MultiCloud Multcloud is one of the best apps to transfer files between different cloud services. To get started, first Sign up for a MultCloud account. With MultCloud, you can link Amazon S3, Flickr, GSuite, pCloud, Alfresco, BaiDu, BackBlaze, SugarSync, Microsoft Evernote, ADrive, Yandex, HiDrive, CloudMe and Cubby. That’s almost every major cloud storage provider under the sun. Add multicloud clouds To get started, select a cloud provider from the list. Here I chose Dropbox. You can choose the desired display name for the provider. This procedure is required only once. Add Dropbox Multcloud For each cloud provider, MultCloud requires access to the information and documents you have with the service.

This is your one-stop guide to moving files between popular cloud service providers including Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Box. Therefore, Summary 1. MultiCloud 2. Cloudfuze Transferring files from iCloud Drive to other cloud providers Conclusion Among the names above, only Apple allows you to.

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