Yuan and be appointed by the Legislative Yuan with the consent

the Legislative Yuan. Independence seems feasible. Going back to the beginning, how can we respond to those three questions? There is no perfect system, because there are imperfect people, we can only minimize the influence of human nature and improve the lack of it while maintaining the advantages of the current system. Now we can answer those questions: 1. The legislators and the people’s representatives are the representatives of the people. A: The nomination of the Legislative Yuan by the President is indirect

democracy, and the Supervisory

Committee and the Auditor-General have six-year terms, which means at least four years spanning between two Presidents and Legislators, in order to exercise the supervisory power independently. Too many elections does not mean Norway Phone Number that public opinion can be manifested. Indirect democracy does not directly face voters, so there is no need to lose the most important independence of monitoring power for re-election. After all, the Legislative Council and the National People’s Congress have compromised on many policies and voters because of the election, and have lost their

independence and macro-level

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policy. We are not as good as other countries with two houses of Congress to distinguish their respective powers.2. Is the Five-Power Constitution a failed government system experiment? A: The supervisory power is a manifestation of the government’s internal control system. The essence of politics lies in “separation of powers and cooperation” – the legislative power controls budget deliberation, the executive power executes the budget, and the supervisory power examines final accounts

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